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184 Nations at Danger Because Coronavirus was not Stopped at the Beginning


US President Donald Trump stripes down China for its failure to tame the pandemic creating a virus as soon as it started. Donald Trump claims that 184 nations are going through hell just for one country, and everyone is paying for it. Several American lawmakers have stopped being dependent on Beijing for the manufacturing or availability of any mineral. 

Donald Trump has always been publicly blaming China for the spread of the invisible enemy across the world. As mentioned earlier he has also launched an investigation against it. He also mentioned that America is also looking for a lot of money from China as a damage charge like Germany. But Trump has also made it clear that he is looking for far more money than German actually claimed. 

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“It’s in 184 countries, as you hear me say often. It’s hard to believe. It’s inconceivable,” Trump told reporters at White House Tuesday. “It should have been stopped at the source, which was China. It should have been stopped very much at the source, but it wasn’t. And now we have 184 countries going through hell.” the virus that originated in the Wuhan city of China in the mid of November. This pandemic virus took the lives of two lakh people and contaminated 3 million people all across the world. While the largest number of the affected have died in America itself which almost 60,000 deaths. 

“It is clear that our dependence on China for vital rare earth threatens our US manufacturing and defense-industrial base. As the October 2018 Defence Industrial Base Report states: ‘China represents a significant and growing risk to the supply of materials deemed strategic and critical to US national security.’ […] Ensuring a US supply of domestically sourced rare-earth will reduce our vulnerability to supply disruptions that poses a grave risk to our military readiness,” the US Senators wrote.


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