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Android and iOS Will Answer Your Question Regarding COVID-19

The upcoming partnership between Android and iOS has been questioned by many while they addressed one of the questions which concern the use of the contact tracing solution in the phones. Both the contact tracing solution and the partnership between the two has raised worry among the cybersecurity and the privacy experts and also the technology industry. 

Each of the companies has mentioned that the tool that they are going to introduce will ask for the positive diagnosis of the users. Only if the information is correct then it will be stored in the record. The result of each of the tests will be checked by the public health agencies. These public health agencies are also making applications that will help to identify the COVID-19 patients by contact tracing said Android and iOS brands. 

Features that Will Be Included By Android and iOS for COVID-19 Tracing

Android and iOS brands have made it very clear about not violating the privacy of the patients. They have mentioned that they will not store or share any details of the patient. This astonishing partnership was announced on Friday with the only purpose to make people aware of their health and so that they can isolate themselves and keep away from spreading it further. 

Some experts have already raised questions on the authenticity of the proposal jointly ventured by Android and iOS. They have also brought up the fact that each of the systems will be able to record the contact of the individual if both are persons are standing within a few feets for more than 10 minutes. 

The backend plan of both the brands is to make each of them compatible with each other as much as possible. They have also said by the mid of May they will come up with more developed technology which will allow every user to exchange information without any wire. They want to bring up a wireless contact free activity so that use of bot the Android and iOS becomes easy. This will draw down the neck to neck competition for both the brands.  

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