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What Is Ashiatsu Massage? How Does It Benefit Your Health?

ashiatsu massage

Yes, Ashiatsu massage is a form of barefoot massage. But it is nothing like making your kid stand on top of your back as you lay on the bed. It is indeed a great and beneficial form of massage that differs from traditional massage. But if done wrong, it can have different consequences.

No, my intention is not to make you dislike this type of therapy. But, on the bright side, it can provide various health benefits you just cannot ignore. This technique originated in Japan. Later, this massage took inspiration from many other countries and came to be the type of massage you know of.

So, should you look for Ashiatsu barefoot massage? How beneficial is it? Don’t worry. This article will answer all of your queries. But first, let me tell you what Ashiatsu massage is. Then we can move towards explaining the benefits.

What Is Ashiatsu Massage?

The famous barefoot massage known as Ashiatsu massage is a technique developed in Asia. Asian countries like China, Japan, India, and Thailand are seen to practice this type of massage. Ashiatsu, a massage therapy usually practiced by monks in Asia, has a meaning. “Ashi” stands for feet, while “atsu” means pressure.

This message simply means massaging the human body using feet or stomping on someone. The technique requires skillful use of feet to apply pressure.

What Is Ashiatsu Massage

Compared to the massage provided using bare hands, Ashiatsu uses body weight, offering more pressure. Your therapist can provide a barefoot massage when the hand massage seems underpowered. It offers relaxation to your muscle and body. In addition, strong pressure on the muscles can provide lymphatic stimulation offering your body the ease it is craving.

Regular and skillful barefoot massage can help you increase oxygen circulation in your blood. In addition, it makes your body feel fit and relaxed. However, this massage cannot go wrong. A careless barefoot body massage or ashiatsu massage negatively affects your health.

Ashiatsu Massage Therapy Benefits 

But what are the benefits of this barefoot massage therapy? Yes, there are benefits of ashiatsu massage. You can read them below –

1. Chronic Pain Reduction Massage

There is no comparison to deep tissue massage when it comes to chronic pain reduction. The ashiatsu massage can manipulate the deep layers of the soft tissues in your muscles. Your pain gets relieved since this massage loosens the tight muscles in your body using compression. All the inflammations get flushed out from the muscles, decreasing the chronic pain in the process.

Chronic Pain Reduction Massage

2. More Flexible Body

Ashiatsu massages use strokes that assist the force of gravity. In the process, it stretches and lengthens the muscle fibers. It stretches the tissues in your muscle in different directions helping your muscles gain flexibility. Scar tissues and adhesions can be from following past injuries or stress. The Ashiatsu barefoot massage makes your muscle and body more flexible.

More Flexible Body

3. Deep Tissue Massage

Traditional massage uses the thumb, fingers, elbows, and palms of the therapists. However, the amount of pressure used in traditional massage may not be enough for deep tissue massage. Sometimes they can cause discomfort or even bruise the muscles. But, ashiatsu massage, if used with proper control of the body weight, can offer a better deep tissue massage.

Deep Tissue Massage

The legs work like big hands, and if the therapist has a bony elbow, they should better use their legs. Even for a deep tissue massage, this type of massage feels so gentle. You don’t have to suffer any pain while getting a deep tissue ashiatsu massage.

4. Reduces Stress

Stress is a big issue nowadays. People need relief from stress more than anything. Thankfully, ashiatsu massage can help with that. It offers your body and muscles a sense of relaxation, which causes a reduction in stress. The patient feels a sense of calmness. The barefoot massage also reduces cortisol levels providing a positive effect on diastolic blood pressure. It also helps lower the heart rate, which is also a reason for low-stress levels.

Reduces Stress

5. Leaves No Discomfort

Don’t believe them when they say, “no pain, no gain.” there is no need to go through hardship to give your body relaxation. Compared to traditional massage, ashiatsu massage does not hurt your body. Also, the effects of this massage last for a longer time. It does not leave your muscle feeling sore and discomforted. It is better for your body compared to a traditional massage that leaves you feeling sore.


6. Better Range Of Motion

You can move your body better and have an improved range of motion following ashiatsu massage. The deep strokes on your body make the tissues of the muscles elongate. As a result, your muscles feel more at ease when trying to stretch. You can move your muscles and limbs with more flexibility once you get this message. 

Range Of Motion

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

These questions and answers might be helpful before you consider barefoot ashiatsu massage.

1. What Type Of Massage Is Ashiatsu?

Ans: Only educated and expert massage therapists can perform a good ashiatsu massage. It is a type of barefoot massage. The therapists use their barefoot and body weight to massage the body of their clients. It helps massage the deep tissues, muscles, and joints of the client’s body.

2. What Does Ashiatsu Massage Feel Like?

Ans: Ashiatsu massage feels like a calm and relaxing experience. Patients get a deep and broad pressure flowing through their bodies. There is no pain involved. It also helps treat the tissue through deep-tissue massage. The tissue of your body is stretched and improves motion.

3. Is Walking On Back Good Massage?

Ans: Yes, walking on the back can be a good form of massage therapy. It helps reduce pain and inflammation. However, it needs to be done using skillful therapists. Otherwise, it may have negative effects.

Bottom Line

There should be no problem if you take this type of therapy. However, if you are a pregnant woman or someone trying to conceive a baby, you should not consider Ashiatsu. Also, people with kidney and liver conditions should also refrain from barefoot massage therapy.

Judging the benefits of this massage, you can receive this therapy without any negative effects. I think I have given you all the information you need. If you have any further queries, you can ask questions in the comment section.

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