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10 Awesome Fitness Tips for Busy Professionals

Fitness Tips

If you are a busy professional, it means you spend most of your time either commuting or at the office. Many professionals go out of shape when they do not get time to exercise daily. Hence, staying healthy can be an uphill battle for you if you are a hardworking professional. But do not worry! Given below are 10 fitness tips that you can follow to stay on track with your fitness goal.

Here are Ten Awesome Fitness Tips for Busy Professionals:

1. Sign up for a gym near your office:

When you are signing up for a gym that is within walking distance of your office, you do not get an option to make excuses for not working out. If you are lucky enough to work near a gym then do not forget to hit the gym every day.

2. Workout during your lunch break

A lunch break does not mean that you are required to spend that time at a restaurant with your colleagues. A 20-30 minute workout session at a nearby gym, a park, or in a nearby Yoga studio during this hour can be an effective way to fit exercise in. You can eat your lunch later at your desk.

3. Commute to and  from work

If you leave near your office then avoid using a bus or car to reach your workplace (at least 2-3 days a week). Make commuting to and from the office a part of your exercise regime. Cycling and jogging to work will help you in burning calories effectively which in turn will help you to stay fit. Also, try to use stairs instead of lift while entering or exiting the office building.

4. Get Proper Sleep

Several studies have suggested that sleep deprivation enhances cortisol level and which in turn increases your body fat. Aim to sleep for around eight hours per night. Also, switch off your phone one hour before you go to bed as this will help your mind relax, leading to better and deeper sleep. Getting enough sleeping helps in preventing the elevation of cortisol and will make you happier and more productive on your days at the office.

5. Choose the Right Menu

Many business professionals eat out in restaurants frequently due to time constraints or business meetings. Do not indulge in three-course meals or binge on alcohol when you are eating out in a restaurant. Stick to one main course of meat and ask for a side dish of vegetables (without mayonnaise and butter).

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6. Focus on Hydration

Dehydration can lead to lower productivity, enhances stress hormones, create poor eating habits, and increases body fat. To prevent this, make sure that you are properly hydrated. Fill three 1L bottles of water at the start of the day and keep them on your desk. By the end of the day, all the bottles should be empty.

7. Workout when you are working away

If you are attending a business meeting outside your city, opt for a hotel that has access to a gym or pay for a day pass at a gym near the hotel. If it’s not possible, invest in some resistance bands which you can put in your luggage and workout in your hotel room. Apart from this, try some bodyweight exercises too.

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8. Do Not Skip Meals

You might forget to take your meal when you are busy. But skipping meals can decrease your productivity and lead to unstable blood sugar levels. Make sure that you carry healthy and protein-based snacks in your work bag so that you can eat them even when you are busy with clients. This will help you to lose your belly fat naturally or get your body in shape.

9. Take a Class You Enjoy

You won’t like to do an exercise which is boring or does not suit your preferences. If you don’t want to hit the gym, then you can take part in other fitness classes that you enjoy. You can sign up for Yoga, Pilate exercises, or even a dance class.  In this way, you will have lots of fun, and will also get in shape.

10. Workout during your leisure time

If you get some leisure time in between your hectic activities then fit exercise into your leisure plans. Go hiking with some friends or join a Yoga class. Walk fast when you have to visit your grocery store to do the weekly shopping.


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