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Baxter Neal Helson: Net Worth, Biography & Family

Baxter Neal Helson

There are some people in this world whose biography is spicy because of a particular aspect. Be it personal life or professional life, followers want to know spicy events, mostly about celebrities. It is like an invisible rule that famous persons must have a piquant life; otherwise, they will not come into the limelight. 

This article is going to focus on the life of Baxter Neal Helson.

Well, did the name ring a bell? Maybe yes or no, but in both the American and international entertainment industry, Baxter Neal Helson is not a famous name. Still, he was under the spotlight for quite a long time. 

Don’t you want to know why? – read the below section to explore.  

Early Life And Career Of Baxter Neal Helson

Early Life And Career Of Baxter

Did you notice that very little information about the early life of Baxter Neal Helson is available on the internet? Despite it, we have found that he developed a deep passion for music at a very young age. 

He learned how to play drums which later gave him direction in his career. So, yes, in terms of his profession, he is recognized as a drummer. From a young age, he invested considerable time in music, most based in Kentucky and Ashland. He contributed to some songs of these two princes as a drummer. 

However, Baxter Neal Helson had to take a break in order to focus on his career when he was too young and suffered several tragedies. Nevertheless, he returned to the music industry after the break and sustained for an extended time. Regardless, his early life is limited to this much information only as he is a non-social person. 

At present, there is no new information in the internet world about his profession, activities, or musical works. However, we have kept a strict eye, and as soon as we find something, we will update this article with accurate data.

Personal Life And Family Of Baxter Neal Helson

Now we are coming to the most awaited part – the personal and family life of Baxter Neal Helson. As we have said earlier, celebrities’ lives are full of gossip, scandals, rumors, and whatnot. People tend to dig into their personal information more than their careers and achievements. 

In order to satisfy your curious mind, we have brought a plethora of facts regarding his family life in this section. After extensive research, we have found that the information about the private life of Baxter Neal Helson is more flavourful than anything else. However, it is his marital life that brought him to public attention.  

Below we have explained specific unknown facts that you should know right now. 

1. His Marital Life With Laticia Jean Finley, AKA Tish Cyrus

Baxter Neal Helson & Tish Cyrus

The most crucial thing about Baxter Neal Helson is that he is the former husband of Tish Cyrus, the American Actress. Does it sound shocking? Indeed, it sounds, but it is true. The two met for the first time at a local town party at a young age and instantly fell in love. 

Both of them clicked very well, and after some time, the young couple started to live together. In 1986 the duo decided to take their relationship to a new level and got married in 1986. 

Not much after their social wedding, Tish announced his pregnancy with their 1st child Brandi Glenn. She was only 19 years old at that time. As soon as the couple started to come under the spotlight, Tish was expecting their second child, Trace Dempsey, in 1988. 

Their marital life rocked for three long years from 1986 until they got separated in 1989 and eventually divorced each other.

2. He Has A Direct Relationship With Miley Cyrus’s Family

Miley Cyrus’s Family

We all know how famous the Cyrus family is for multiple reasons. It is said that Baxter Neal Helson somehow relates to Miley Cyrus, the legendary singer. Both do not have a blood relation but an indirect linkage – then what is the actual scenario?

To be very precise, Miley is the daughter of Tish Cyrus, the ex-wife of Helson. Does it make sense now? Basically, after their divorce in 1993, Tish got married to Billy Ray Cyrus, the famous American singer-songwriter, and gave birth to Miley. Later Billy adopted Trace and Brandi, Baxter Helson’s biological children. 

So have you observed how thrilling and entertaining his family life is? There is so much insightful information about his private life. Instead of focusing on Baxter’s work, it seems that the media made him famous by relating his name to his ex-wife’s.  

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3. Tish Cyrus And Baxter Neal Helson’s Fight Over The Custody Of Their Kids 

Legal Battle For Their Kids

The reason for the divorce between Tish Cyrus and Baxter Neal Helson is not known. Some say that once their son Trace was born, trouble emerged between them. There are even rumors about Tish that she engaged in extramarital affairs against Baxter’s will. 

However, after their divorce, the pair had a legal battle regarding the custody of Trace Dempsey and Brandi Glenn. After several court hearings, Tish got custody of the kids while Baxter got permission to visit them periodically. In addition, he also got the opportunity of connecting to his children via telephone. 

Several sources state that Baxter Neal Helson faced some difficulties at first while visiting his children. Most of these obstacles arose from Tish, who often forbade him from seeing them. He then signed a petition after moving to Nashville to get a specific visitation permit. 

The irony is that despite so many efforts, the children were not so interested in meeting their father as they grew up. In addition, several incidents indicate that Trace had a troubled relationship with Baxter Neal Helson.

For instance, Baxter called him Neal, which the son did not like at all. Secondly, he also gave a haircut to Trace, after which Trace felt super annoyed with his father. Finally, Tish even lodged a monitored visitation appeal, but the court rejected it. 

According to media investigations, since then, Baxter moved on and did not open up his life on social media. It is said that he lives in Phoenix at present and is busy with his career in drums.  

Net Worth Of Baxter Neal Helson

Net Worth is also an exciting topic to discuss big names. How much asset Baxter has after this separation with Tish?- this question is also frequent from many followers. As per media reports, Baxter Neal Helson’s estimated net worth is USD 1.2 million. He makes most of this from his career- Drumming.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Old Is Baxter Neal Helson Today?

Born in 1966, Baxter Neal Helson is now 54 years. He has kept away his life from both mainstream media and social media.

Q2. Does Miley Cyrus Have Siblings?

The names of the siblings of Miley Cyrus are:
  • Noah Cyrus
  • Braison Cyrus
  • Christopher Cody
  • Brandi Cyrus
  • Trace Cyrus

Q3. Are Miley Cyrus Parents Divorced?

After more than two decades together, Billy Ray and Tish are still married. However, they filed for divorce twice, in 2010 and 2013, but never completed the process.

The Final Words

As we have seen, the personal lives of celebrities are not really personal, but gossip related to these takes the stage. There are many examples like this where a ‘not-so-famous person’ came into the public eye involved with a big name. From the biography detailed above, it is evident that Baxter Neal Helson earned most of his fame as ‘Tish Cyrus’s ex-spouse.’ But, unfortunately, the information about his present life, particularly his career, is limited due to a lack of sources.

If this article has fulfilled your inquisitiveness, please do not forget to share it with your family and friends. Also, if you have anything more to add, feel free to drop a comment in the box below. Finally, keep supporting us to get more compelling content in the future. 

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