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Benefits of Address Geocoding Software Solutions to Business

In recent years, big data has become essential to businesses surviving and prospering. Data of any sort helps you evaluate the market and your customers and can drive you to innovate.

Of course, data comes in many guises, and one that businesses often overlook is address geocoding, such as that offered by Egon.

What is Address Geocoding?

What is Address Geocoding?

Address geocoding is the process of converting a place name, postcode, or other coordinates into a location on a map. You’ve probably used this technique before without realizing it.

Simply entering an address, or even part of an address on Google Maps will give you a geographical location.

A properly integrated system will work automatically; you don’t need to do anything to benefit from it.

Why You Should Add Geocode Address to Improve Your Business Operations?

Any business needs recognition to survive in the market. Your business increases when your location is geocoded. Your business operations might happen in a specific location, anywhere in the world.

So, how will your clients reach your location to offer you business? Yes, you might have an address of an office they can reach you at, but that only specifies a location, nothing else.

You can be located on a specific floor, building, or within a large work compound that an address can’t specify.

This is where a geocode address comes into your rescue through analyzing your location. You get to use a geocode address to specify your business location on the map. Geocoding your address helps map your specific location, making it easy to find your business office.

The Benefits of Address Geocoding

Benefits of Address Geocoding

All businesses can benefit from address geocoding, here’s how:

Improved Market Analysis

It’s easy for a business, especially a small one, to think all their customers are local. While they could be, it’s also possible the majority of them are located elsewhere in the country or entirely in a different country.

Your address geocoding software will allow you to enter multiple addresses. These are saved and converted into data.

You’ll be able to produce reports that show you where the majority of your customers are based and other information about the areas they live in.

This improves your understanding of your target audience and can drive changes to the way you produce your products and market them. In short, it can help you make better business decisions.


Address geocoding offers you a time-saving solution. In the first instance, the system can help customers complete their addresses.

This simplifies and speeds up the process of creating an account or ordering. Customers appreciate this. The easier the process, the more likely they are to complete it.

But, it’s not just the customers that appreciate the time saved. Your employees will be able to verify the location of an address and even ensure it matches cardholder details. That reduces the likelihood of fraud, which lowers the cost of fraudulent claims to the business.

In addition, your staff won’t need to spend extra time on orders, specifically when they are returned with an invalid address. 

This costs you money as you’ll have paid the postage charge and still need to send the parcel again. It also costs your team time as they confirm the correct address and resend it.

The saved time translates into a more efficient team focused on driving your business forward.

Better Customer Experience

Your customers will appreciate the streamlined ordering process. However, address geocoding also allows your customer to track the delivery process.

They’ll be able to see, via your courier company, when the parcel was collected and where it is while on-route to them. This transparency is likely to improve the customer experience and increase their trust in you.

That makes it more likely they will use you again and recommend you to friends. It’s vital for the business’s survival!

Optimizing Your Business Routes

One of the best things a geocode address helps your business is through optimizing your routes on maps. This makes it easier to find your business for your clients without getting lost in their way. You might also need to visit different business locations, which makes it easier for you to drive to these places. 

Using a GIS mapping system like Google Maps, where the coordinates of your geocoded address help you guide your route accurately. You also get the option to see the fastest route to your location, which helps when you are running late.

Identify Physical Address

When you geocode an address, it offers your business to find the physical location. This way, you can accurately deliver your goods and services to the correct locations. Especially if you are involved in e-commerce or logistics, you can geocode addresses to find locations.

Did you know you can reverse geocode to find locations when orders are missing some address information? Since phones also know your geographical coordinates, it becomes easier for delivery service providers to deliver your packages to accurate locations.

It is predicted that e-commerce companies like Ebay and Amazon in future will take advantage of geocode addresses to make accurate delivery. This way, they will enhance customer experience for their business.

Improve Data Quality

Data is powerful in the present century, so it’s natural that you want to improve your data game for your business. Several businesses are using different advanced technologies to correctly store data and use it to grow their businesses.

Geocode address is another option to improve your data quality through accurate address information. So why shouldn’t you improve your business data through geocoding?

You not only get to secure address information but stay updated with changes in street addresses. Since geographic coordinates don’t change so, even if the street name or address changes, you can still find the accurate location through a geocoded address.

Geocode address allows you to accurately detect the location of a given address through coordinates, which makes them much more stable and, therefore, improves your address data.


Now that you are aware of geocode address benefits and how it helps your business, are you willing to geode your address? If so, then choose any geocoding services to transform your address into a geocode address.

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