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Why Your Business Needs Google Adwords? – All You Need To Know

Google Adwords

Nowadays, you have plenty of avenues to advertise. You can publish ads on Facebook, Twitter, or some other sites. However, one advertising medium has been around since 2000 and is still one of the mammoths of the online advertising industry even to this day. Let’s read the article and learn about Google Adwords and how Google AdWords Perth is functioning.

Google Adwords continues to be among the industry leader because of the many benefit it offers, such as:

Fast Distribution

In these highly competitive times, a fast distribution network is crucial. The faster you can spread your message, the quicker you can get back your money invested in marketing plus profits. This, in turn, allows you to re-invest your money in ads to get even more profits. In other words, a faster distribution paves the way for speedier business cycles.

The beauty of Adwords is that spreading your message across the web is almost instantaneous, assuming your ads get the needed editorial approval. This is one area in which Adwords has a competitive edge versus Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO will take weeks or months before you start getting results.

With Adwords, once your ads are approved, your message will then be distributed to thousands or millions of eyeballs almost immediately.

Widest Distribution Network

Google Adwords has the most expansive network when it comes to pay-per-click ads. Most people assume that your ads will only start showing in the Google search engine when you advertise in Google Adwords. However, that’s just one part of it.

You see, Google Adwords works with Google Adsense to massively increase the ad distribution network of Adwords. So, what is Google Adsense?

Adsense is another Google department, and it centers around allowing website owners to earn money. The basic idea goes something like this – website owners incorporate a simple code provided by Google Adsense into their website. This code allows the display of Google Adwords on their site. For every click or earning that specific code generates, Google Adsense will split the profits with the website owner.

Because of this mutually beneficial setup, Google Adwords allows its ads network to expand massively by partnering with thousands or millions of website owners.

For you, as an Adwords advertiser, this means that you have access to possibly the most expansive distribution network on the Internet. In marketing, the more people you can reach with your message, the better.

Better ROI

This is the topic area where social media sites tend to have an issue. As you might have noticed, most major social media sites use ad publishing to monetize their service. Twitter and Facebook are good examples of these.

So, as an advertiser, you’re probably asking – why display ads on Google when I can do it on Facebook or Twitter?

The answer is because, generally, you’ll have better conversion rates with Google Adwords. And, it has something to do with market psychology.

It’s likely true that more people spend more time on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media sites compared to Google’s websites. However, the biggest problem is that people spending their time on social media sites are not in the shopping mood. Hence, you could be getting a lot of clicks, but the chances are high that you are getting an increased number of tire-kickers.

This, in turn, increases your ad expenditures without increasing your sales.

Conversely, when people visit Google to search for “where to buy a dog food near me,” it doesn’t take a genius to know that person is looking to buy some dog food. However, hardly anyone visits social media sites and uses those keywords, or something similar, if they are in the mood to buy something.

In other words, advertising in Google Adwords generally provides better quality clicks.

Why Hire An Adwords Management Service?

Up to this point, this article has been elaborating on the many advantages of Adwords. However, it’s crucial to understand that you can only maximize most benefits if you know how to work with Google Adword’s system. And, that’s where most people have difficulty succeeding with Adwords, and it’s also one of the reasons you should hire a company to manage the account for you.

1. Complexity

Google Adwords was first published back in 2000. It used to be that using the system was easy to do as there were fewer moving parts. However, for every major update, Adwords became better and more sophisticated. Unfortunately, it also increased the learning curve.

Nowadays, if you are a first-timer opening your Google Adwords account, you’ll likely feel bombarded with data. It’s like being an average joe sitting in an airplane cockpit.

To be fair, Google did a great job providing resources to help you navigate the system. However, that will also mean you need to spend a lot of time demystifying the complex system.

If you don’t have that luxury, it’s highly advisable to hire an Adwords management service.

2. Maximize ROI

As mentioned above, Google generally provides better ROI than other media, such as social media ad publishing. However, you can still further maximize your returns if you know how to work the system.

Here’s the thing, Google Adwords is unique because of how its pricing works. In most ad publishing services, if you’re the person that can out-pay everyone else, you’ll get the top spot. It’s not as straightforward as that with Google Adwords.

Google Adwords combines many factors to see who gets the top spot. In fact, if you know what you are doing, it’s possible to get the top spot while spending less per click than your competitors.

3. Save Time

In most cases, people have the main business, and they are simply using Google Adwords to increase sales. However, if you want to succeed in Adwords, you need to spend a lot of time learning about the system and tricks of the trade. Generally, it’s better to spend your time on your business and let other people handle the Adwords heavy-lifting. After all, why spend a lot of time on it when your business is not about Adwords.

Wrapping It All Up

Google Adwords is a very potent marketing tool. It offers plenty of advantages that are not found in other forms of advertising mediums. However, if you want to maximize the power of your Google Adwords Perth account, then you should get professional help.

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