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Can I Install A Free Float Quad Rail On An Ar-15?    

Free Float Quad Rail On An Ar-15

Having the skills is not enough to ultimately enhance your shooting game. Even if you are the most amazing shooter, you will still fail to hit your target if you don’t have the appropriate gun accessories attached to your rifle. Just imagine being the most talented sniper in your team, but you are tasked to hit a target miles away using a red dot scope.

Without the proper optics attached to the sniper, it is nearly impossible to hit your target. There are many more gun accessories that enhance your shooting skills to a whole different level, one of them is the free float quad rail. This weapon accessory increases your stability which allows your shots to be more accurate than before.

This type of handguard can be directly attached to the upper receiver of your rifle without touching the barrel. This is why it is called a free float quad rail. But can you install a free float quad rail on any AR-15 rifle? Well, let us answer that question in this next paragraph.

Can I Install A Free Float Quad Rail On An AR-15?

Yes, you can install a free float quad rail on your AR-15 rifle. Many websites give a step-by-step process of installing a free float quad rail on AR-15. Gun experts also recommend free-floating your AR-15 because of the many benefits and improvements it brings to your rifle.

One of its benefits is increasing the rifle’s precision from a deduction variability on its barrel harmonics caused by the tension of the sling. The typical AR-15 composition often has the sling mount attached below the front sight gas block, which means that even the slightest change in the sling tension could reduce your accuracy.

But the idea of a free-floated AR-15 is not achievable because of how the gas block and gas tubes are attached. However, adding a quad rail to your AR-15 or any other free float handguard will make it closer to a free-floating rifle.

These accessories could also help improve the shooter’s aim, making their shots more accurate and precise. The handguards will also help make the gun stable when you attach gun accessories like grips, lights, or bipods.

But before installing a free float quad rail on your AR-15, make sure to take a closer look first at the type of gas system your rifle currently has. The reason for this is because the traditional rifles have their front sight gas blocks gripped onto the barrel using an either clamp or tapered pins.

Upon installation, make sure to have the complete set of tools ready for disassembling and reassembling your AR-15 rifle.

The bottom line is, you can install a free float quad rail on your AR-15 rifle, given that you are knowledgeable enough about the possible outcomes. Suppose you have already decided to pursue the installation. In that case, you can visit a variety of websites that provide a step-by-step process of installing a free float quad rail properly.

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