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Chernobyl tour: What is going on in the Exclusion Zone?

Chernobyl tour

The Chernobyl disaster is one of the most hazardous and striking tragedies in world history. Every year thousands of people come there to find the clue to the mystery. Although these terrible events took place 35 years ago, even now a lot of visitors don’t know about the current course of events in the Exclusion Zone. Why should you make Chernobyl tour and what to expect from visiting Pripyat? All this and more you may find in our article.

What is the destiny of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station?

The station continues to operate but doesn’t generate power. The accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant didn’t completely stop it. The Soviet authorities decided to stop the construction of the planned fifth and sixth blocks, but the rest continued to work. Instead of Chernobyl, which was part of the Exclusion Zone, there was built a new city for nuclear scientists – Slavutich. In 1991, there was a severe fire at the second power unit, and the Ukrainian parliament urgently decided to immediately decommission the second unit. During tour Chernobyl, you will be able to listen to the full story.

In 1995, Ukraine signed an agreement with the G7 countries, according to which the country had to stop the operation of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Five years later, the station stopped generating power. However, it continues to operate because the decommissioning of units is a long process. According to the plan, the reactors will finally be mothballed in 2028, and by 2064 they plan to completely dismantle the remains of the equipment. Nowadays you have a wonderful opportunity to see the reactor with your own eyes without risk of radiation influence thanks to the tour to Chernobyl Zone!

Is there any life in Chernobyl today?

Nowadays there are shift workers who work at the station and self-settlers. The station currently employs more than 2,000 employees. They are decommissioning reactors and work at the Shelter – this is the sarcophagus that closes the destroyed fourth block. Shops are open here and there is a curfew. In other settlements of the Exclusion Zone also live people – most often former local residents who returned to their homes decades after the forced escape. You may see these daredevils being on the Chernobyl tour!


Is it safe to take a tour of Chernobyl Zone?

The radiation level in the Ukraine Chernobyl tour is quite safe for humans. The dose of radiation that a person receives during a day of walking in the Exclusion area is comparable to the amount that you get after spending 1 hour surrounded by 40 bananas. The exception is Pripyat, the city that is closest to the nuclear power plant. You can stay here for some time, but it’s dangerous to live there permanently.

What are the repercussions of the disaster?

The consequences of the Chernobyl accident still affect the health of people living even far beyond the Exclusion Zone. According to the monitoring data, which was carried out by the team of Doctor of Medical Sciences and Professor Yuri Bandazhevsky with the support of the European Union in the areas adjacent to the Chernobyl zone, there is the following statistics:

  • 40% of children have hormonal disorders;
  • 10% have thyroid disorders;
  • 35% have liver disorders.

In general, there is a high mortality rate, despite the fact that the children were born much later than the Chernobyl accident. However, if you want to go on Chernobyl tour, you won’t receive any dangerous dose of radiation.

Is it worth making a Ukraine Chernobyl tour?

After the release of the series “Chernobyl” from HBO, tourists began to make tour Chernobyl even more than before. Such tours were popular even before the series, over the years after the accident, even a full-fledged tourist infrastructure has developed. Companies such as “Trips-to-Chernobyl” offer one-day or two-day tours to Pripyat and to the station itself. Chernobyl tours cost is from $50 for Ukrainian citizens and from $100 for foreigners. At the Dityatki checkpoint, where people enter the exclusion zone, there is a shop with souvenirs and coffee. There you may buy some special things which will remind you of this unforgettable trip. Don’t miss the chance to go on the Chernobyl tour at least once in your life!

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