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Kids Country Clothing: Style Guide for Little Cowboy/Cowgirl

Country attire is bold and fashionable, but it’s also comfortable and easy to wear.

This is why it’s becoming increasingly popular as a way to dress kids. In a world where many fashion brands use low-quality fabrics and toxic fabric dyes, Western fashion is one exception.

Is your little one an avid fan of Woody the cowboy from toy story or enjoys watching kid-friendly westerns? If your answer is yes, then make sure to get some cute, cosy and durable country-style pieces for your wardrobe.

Kids’ country clothing is perfect for casual attire, outdoor playdates, or restaurant meals.

Start with Comfortable and Stylish Cowboy Boots

Your child’s footwear has a significant impact on their posture and overall health. In their crucial developmental stage, they should wear shoes that provide extra support and cushioning for their feet. The good news is that there are some great manufacturers that make country boots which offer just that!

One such example is the cosy and fashionable Ariat junior boots which are available in a variety of styles to fit any little fashionista. These include beautiful brown and pink models with an intricately designed shaft, a matching vamp for your little girl, and bold designs for your young cowboy.

Besides being fashionable, they’re also comfy for all-day wear. Their design includes a square toe, a lower roper and padded insoles that support your kid’s feet. They also contain pull tabs so they can easily put them on.

The Ariat kids easily pair with kids’ country clothing, including jeans, slacks, western shirts, and denim jackets. They’re easy to pull on, so kids can be ready to go outside and play in a short time. These boots have a light and flexible outsole, providing comfortable playtime, even in heavy snow.

Family with little son at ranch

What Makes Ariat Footwear the Best on the Market?

As a company, Ariat is committed to creating high-quality boots, clothes, and accessories for those who ride or do outdoor work. But they also make sure to provide a range for children so that the whole family can have some fun out in the country or dress up in a matching way.

Ariat children’s boots are especially popular because of the many features that provide unmatched comfort and support for the young generation. To enhance the functionality of their boots, Ariat collaborates with renowned biomechanical research teams and testing facilities.

The Ariat junior boots are constructed using premium full-grain leather that’s more breathable, durable, and cool than anything currently on the market. They field-test all of their footwear to continually improve their functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Consider going through Simple Tips To Bring More Sustainability Into Your Child’s Wardrobe

Get Versatile Country-Style Cotton Shirts

Once they’ve picked their favourite booties, it’s time to plan the rest of their wardrobe. I suggest that you avoid the risky fabric blends that often irritate fragile children’s skin and opt for a natural material, such as cotton! This material is comfortable, hypoallergenic and breathable, which is why it’s often used for making bed sheets, towels, and other products.

The cotton flannel shirt is a staple of every western wardrobe both for adults and kids alike. It’s cosy and versatile, and it helps build a variety of stylish outfits. A small amount of elastane added to cotton in the fabric-blending process will provide stretch for comfort and ease of movement.

The country-style shirts come in many different hues and designs, which makes it difficult to choose only one. That said, why not create a collection of shirts for a variety of occasions

A soft pink, red or white western shirt with a floral-inspired pattern is often favourite among young girls. A design with half-buttons, long sleeves, and twin front pockets work well for both casual and fancy occasions. Pair a flannel shirt with a pair of classic jeans and she’s ready to conquer the playground! For a formal event – tuck her shirt inside her favourite skirt.

When it comes to little cowboys, for dressier events, pick a classy country shirt with a lovely yardage print. A fully-buttoned shirt with a single pocket is perfect for smart-casual outfits. Round up the outfit with denim and a good belt, and see him getting praised for his stylish outfit.

Family with little son at ranch

Make Sure to Include Some Classic Denim

Nowadays, people consider jeans a necessity. They are one of the cosiest and most versatile clothes, making them ideal for both boys and girls. They’re practical, durable and suitable for casual, semi-formal, and formal attire.

Straight or wide jeans in darker colours make great western wear for boys. They’re cosy and resistant to stains, which makes them ideal for all-day wear. To provide more comfort, make sure they have an adjustable waistline and are made of stretchy fabrics.

A cowgirl’s jeans are often bootcut and have lovely stitching on the pockets. Your little girl will play in style all day long because of the excellent comfort and flexibility of these country pants. Children’s jeans are often made of cotton, polyester, and elastane blends. They go well with shirts, tees, sweaters, and turtlenecks.

Young boy dressed up as a cowboy in a natural outdoor setting

Top It Off with a Cowboy Hat

Kids’ cowboy hats are suitable for both everyday wear and playdates. They add a touch of style while shielding their tiny heads from the harmful UV rays (however, they’re not a substitute for sunscreen on hot sunny days).

Cowboy hats are available in a range of styles that appeal to both boys and girls, so have your little one assist you in choosing one. Source:

The most common hat design is the traditional children’s cattleman with a twist. A model with a beige, neutral skull design looks good with any face and any attire, but they look especially great with flannel shirts and denim.

Final Thoughts

Styling a country outfit for little ones is a piece of cake if you know the basics of the style. Choose a pair from the stylish Ariat kid’s boots for sale, combine them with a flannel shirt, denim, and a modern cowboy hat, and you have a stylish outfit for your little cowgirl or cowboy!



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