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5 Reasons Why Cloud Telephony Is A Must For Business Owners

5 Reasons Why Cloud Telephony Is A Must For Business Owners

Cloud Telephony

Working in the cloud: more and more European companies are doing it. We all use some form of the cloud to store and send files. Calling via the cloud is not yet the standard, and yet it offers so many advantages. 

Which ones are they? We give you five reasons why cloud telephony is a must for you as an entrepreneur. Cloud-based telephony is a must for every business owner, especially when you are leading the business in 2022.

Reasons For Which Cloud Telephony Is Must For Every Business Owner

Cloud telephony makes your business process smooth. We all know how much communication is for business. You will get all these under the same umbrella, the cloud telephony services market.

Here are the reasons which make cloud telephony important for business owners.

1. Reachable Anywhere

 Calling via the cloud

Cloud telephony, also known as Voice over IP, means making calls over the internet: instead of an ordinary telephone cable, you plug an internet cable into your phone. This form of calling is increasingly becoming the norm, also thanks to the fact that the internet is faster and more reliable compared to a few years ago.

The biggest advantage of making calls over the internet is that you are actually no longer dependent on the fixed workplace. 

For example, it is easier to work from home, as you can automatically transfer all calls to your mobile phone or take your phone home – where you can be reached as soon as you plug in the internet cable. Or you can use an app. With the first option, you make calls via the browser, and the second option is an app on your smartphone.

The caller simply dials your fixed business number, so you don’t have to give customers a private mobile number. That way, you can always be reached the way you want. Even when your internet is down because you can easily set it to forward to your mobile in case of an outage.

Are you busy when a second call comes in? Then take a transfer or let the call go. You can set your telephony to automatically transfer the call to a colleague who is available after several rings. Flexibility and location independence ensure more freedom, professionalism, and better accessibility.

2. Multitasking Becomes A Breeze

Another advantage is that cloud telephony allows you to make all kinds of handy connections. For instance, you can link to your calendar, allowing the system to take action automatically when you are in a meeting. 

Think of an incoming call being forwarded to a colleague or voicemail. You don’t have to do anything except schedule an appointment in your calendar. You can make all kinds of handy links: the options are endless, you name it.

Some customers have even made a connection so that their music in the office automatically stops when the phone rings. With cloud telephony, your work becomes a lot clearer, and you no longer have to waste time on tasks that can be carried out automatically.

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3. Scalable And Flexible

Use Cloud Telephony

Your organization is constantly changing: sometimes, a colleague joins, and sometimes, someone leaves. With cloud telephony, you can easily adapt to these developments. Based on your wishes, you can always add or remove users. 

Scalability is, therefore, an important plus point of cloud telephony, because you can immediately respond to a new situation. 

The telephony platform moves with your organization, so you always have the necessary functions at your fingertips. It is also possible to easily register all types of US and European phone numbers and activate them immediately.

4. Low Costs

Another big advantage of cloud telephony is the online management system. In your online PBX, you easily regulate your reachability and other matters surrounding your telephony. 

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No hassle with an on-site switchboard where you are tied to a fixed number of lines and, for instance, have to hire technicians for the maintenance of the switchboard. 

With cloud telephony, your telecom provider does the maintenance and security for you. Also, the monthly subscription fees and call rates of cloud telephony are considerably lower than the subscription fees and call rates with traditional telephony.

5. Super User-Friendly

plus of cloud telephony

Another plus of cloud telephony is that it is much more user-friendly than the old-fashioned way of calling through a physical exchange. Preference settings are easily set at the user level. 

This gives colleagues the opportunity to set their own reachability and thus easily manage their own communication flows. Also, voicemails no longer arrive on your phone. Instead, they end up in your mailbox. 

The time-consuming chore of listening to all messages one by one is thus a thing of the past. So you are less likely to forget to answer that one important call.

Wrapping It Up:

These are the advantages of having cloud telephony. This system creates a very user-friendly ambiance for business handlers. For cloud telephony, you do not have to spend a large amount of money.

You can get the expected result through cloud telephony services. How are you planning to install the cloud telephony services? Share your opinion through the comment sections.

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