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How To Pick The Perfect Color Scheme For Seasonal Weddings

If you are passionate about aesthetics and everything having a charming uniformity, then you will surely want the same reflected in your wedding.

Therefore, we are here to make you understand the different colors which would fit perfectly with your seasonal wedding.

No matter if it is a windy beach or freezing cold outside the cathedral. You and the bridesmaid have every right to look perfect. Plus, choosing the right color can also bring out the other aspects of the wedding.

Colors For Every Season!

When we talk about color scheme and uniformity, the factor that stands out the most is definitely.

A) Summer:

Here are some of the colors you can go to for your summer wedding. You can use them for monochromatic decoration or just for the bridesmaid and groomsmen’s dresses.

1. Burnt Orange

Burnt Orange

This is not your regular summer wedding if you do not have the pop of burnt orange in the center.

Yes, it is a bold color choice in comparison to its other pastel counterparts, but this is the perfect way to incorporate orange in your decoration if you are someone who loves orange but is constantly hearing that orange is more of fall color.

Check out these long burnt orange satin bridesmaid dresses; you will fall in love.

2. Blush Or Pale Pink

Now coming to the brides who are not a big fan of pop and vibrancy in their wedding. But, rather would have something elegant and more feminine. There is nothing that shouts elegance more than a sweet pink. In this case, both blush and pale pinks are perfect choices for your summer wedding.

3. Winter Wizard

Yes, the name might confuse you, but if you look up the color, you will find this color to be perfect for the season. This is a light, vibrant blue color that almost resembles the reflection of the sky on an icicle. This is where you get the unique name of the color.

4. Sea Green

This is a very popular color that is coming up recently in the genre of bridesmaid color code. At times, we even see the bride wearing a sea green accent to her white dress, and this makes those bridesmaid photoshoots extra special. Needless to mention, this is the perfect color for a beach wedding. The contrast of this color on the sand is phenomenal.

B) Spring:

Spring is the season of beauty and elegance, and these will have many somber colors in comparison to the pop of vibrancy in the summer seasons.

1. Tan Beige

We know what you are thinking. But a tan is a color we mostly use to describe summer. Since that is the perfect time to get a tan on, however, that is far from true. This tan beige is a muted nude color that is perfect for spring color.

You have to use the accent decorations like ribbons, light decorations, table clothes, napkins, and even the bridesmaid dress with a satin undertone. Because satin will bring out the best of the color.

2. Sage Green

Another popular color that can bring out the true essence of spring and has been quite popular for quite some time now is sage green. True, we do not generally go for greens in spring. Rather focus more on the colors of the bloom than the leaves underneath. But, this color is apt for a vintage-style wedding because of the pastel underdone.

3. Lavender Or Periwinkle

We cannot complete a spring without these two colors. Taken from literal flowers, these shades will compliment your decoration and bridesmaid like nothing color. These colors also look good in every body type and complexion.

Now, if you are more of a fan of the blue color, go for periwinkle. But, if you are a passionate pink lover, then lavender is your choice.

4. Coral Pink

Finally, we cannot finish a spring wedding color palette without adding pink. But, choosing pink can be a challenge. You wouldn’t be too vibrant at an outdoor wedding since the flush green and very blue sky around would make you stand out.

Ironically the color of pink roses is not the right color, so go for coral pink, which has a little orange undertone to neutralize the pop.

C) Fall:

fall wedding

A fall wedding calls for some sweet and warm tones, which can automatically give you the cozy feeling of the autumn season.

1. Cinnamon Stick

Yes, there is a color called the cinnamon stick which resembles our autumn season’s second favorite fragrance, cinnamon (first is the pumpkin, of course!), and give it a light pop to accent your wedding.

Again this is a color that will go perfectly with satin material for your bridesmaids.

2. Wine Red

Wine red goes more into the dark color palette for the fall season and is perfect if you are having a wedding within the scenic beauty of autumn nature. Wearing your classic red or orange will simply make you blend with nature. Therefore, red wine has a purple undertone along with red.

3. Autumn Maple

The perfect blend of red and orange, if there ever was one. Yes, there are the red maple leaves that you see at the edge of the tree and the best fall color. If you are having an indoor evening wedding ceremony, this is the color for you.

D) Winter:

winter wedding

It is not a winter wedding if you do not have all the dark royal colors in your color palette. It has to be an evening wedding with lights that can bring out the shades perfectly.

1. Royal Blue

Royal Blue

Let’s start with the most loyal color. Other than the fact that this is the best color to represent the darkness of a royal winter, can we talk about how versatile this color is? Like almost suits every body type. If you do not believe us, check out these plus size royal blue satin bridesmaid dresses.

2. Blue Violet

Another perfect color for your winter wedding would be a blend of purple and blue, giving birth to a beautiful color like blue-violet.

Perfect for a day wedding, in the outdoors (if it is possible).

3. Dark Flame Scarlet

No winter wedding is complete without the seasonal color of all-time red. Yes, this is again a very bold choice, but if you are getting married around Christmas, there is no harm in getting that Christmas on a little.

While Choosing The Color!

While you are choosing the color, it is important to see that it matches the theme for your wedding. Most importantly, if your bridesmaids are going to wear them, try to take their opinion as well.



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