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How Common Are Slip and Fall Accidents?

Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents are common occurrences that can happen anytime, anywhere. However, the most vulnerable are persons with physical disabilities, chronic illnesses, and seniors of 55 and above.

However, this is no rule of the thumb, and even fit, and strong people can fall and sustain serious injuries. From a car park to sidewalks to public or private premises, you can slip and fall anywhere. Therefore, you should be careful and extra cautious wherever you go to avoid being a victim of such an unpleasant experience.

Common Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents-

Wet or Uneven Surfaces:

Wet or Uneven Surfaces:

The most often causes of slip and fall accidents are usually due to damp or uneven surfaces. Such dangerous characters contribute to half of all slip and fall accidents reported worldwide.

In some situations, dangerous conditions that can contribute to wet or uneven grounds may include loose flooring, mats, or worn-out carpets. A freshly mopped or waxed floor is also an unstable surface to step on, resulting in a severe fall. Also, defective staircases or cluttered floors can send you tripping and falling.

Finally, broken sidewalks and potholes at the car park are other hazards that may cause you to fall. Accidents arising from wet or uneven surfaces can happen at home, work, or anywhere else. Therefore, it calls for collective as well as individual responsibility to prevent such accidents.

Weather Elements:

Weather Elements:

Weather elements like fog, snow, or ice can be dangerous. Since they happen anywhere and are impossible to control, the best approach is to maintain caution and properly maintain premises to avoid falling.

For example, property owners should shovel away snow from sidewalks or pavements near premises to mitigate slip and fall accidents. Likewise, if you must work during the winter, then you should be extra cautious.

Defective Products:

These include staircases or handrails. Property owners must inspect and repair any faulty areas within their premises to prevent staircase accidents. If you slip and fall in a public or private property due to handrail malfunction or lack of it, you deserve to receive compensation.

Improper Footwear:

Improper footwear is another catalyst for slips and falls. And no, it doesn’t only apply to women who wear extremely high heels. Even work boots, sneakers, or sandals without good traction will send you falling and getting hurt. Always wear the right shoes for the right environment.

Poor Lighting:

Poor Lighting:

Poorly lit buildings or streets can be dangerous places to walk in. Poor lighting contributes to a large percentage of trip and fall accidents in most workplaces. The board of Occupational Safety and Health Administration required public properties and workplaces to be adequately lit to improve visibility, especially at night.

Employers are required to ensure sufficient illumination of sidewalks, walkways, and stairways. Any accidents that may arise from failure to this will be blamed on the concerned persons such as the property owners or managers.

Seek Help From a Slip and Fall Attorney:

Have you or anyone you know suffered serious injuries from a slip and fall accident? No matter how hard it may be to prove who was responsible for the accident, very knowledgeable and experienced slip and fall lawyers can help you build a strong claim and receive reasonable compensation.

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