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Constance Nunes – Bio, Net Worth, Relationship | Car Master’s Queen

Constance Nunes

 Constance Nunes is an American reality TV star and model. She started her career as a mechanic in the famous Gotham garage. There is a Netflix show called Car Masters: Rust to Riches, and she stars in this show. Other than that, she has worked with so many different companies, and you will find Audi and Ford there.

Constance Nunes

Her full name is Constance M Nunes, and she was born on November 17, 1989. Right now, she is 33 years old. Nunes was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Many people don’t know that her ancestors came from Portugal, and right now, they are American citizens.


She started her career as a mechanic. She has been working in Gotham Garage since the beginning of her career. Later Netflix started a show called Car Masters: Rust to Riches, and the reality show showed Gotham Garage and how the garage works with luxurious cars. And this is how Constance Nunes became famous.

Later she started working as a social media influencer, where she charges around $1,300 for a single post on Instagram. Also, she takes approx $20,000 for a single episode on Netflix. Many people ask about Constance Nunes net worth, so there is no concrete information, but it is approx $2 million.


She starred in the Netflix reality show named Car Masters: Rust to Riches. The show ran from 2018 to 2020. She is also a social media star right now, with more than a million followers. Other than that, she is a car enthusiast, and the show knows what she does. Recently she started her vlog, where she shows how she customizes cars. Also, she is recognized as an NTA Model from the Los Angeles agency.

Constance Nunes biography

There was a pose by Nunes in a print commercial. And then, a couple of brands, like Jeep Wrangler, Adore Apparel, and Jockey noticed her. And this is how her modeling career started. And this was the moment she started working with brands for advertisements, such as Reebok, Finishing Touch, and Motorola.

After that, she was seen in Model Mayhem, and she was in the Kia Super Bowl commercial in 2016. She was fascinated by cars from a young age, and this makes her one of the biggest stars from Car Masters: Rust to Riches. The show is about the demonstration of different cars, from old to new,

Weight/ Height/ Age

Now, coming to her basic stats to know more about her. Right now, she is 33 years of old. She is well known for her modeling with a body measurement of 34-26-34. She has a height of 5 feet 7 inches, and she has maintained her weight at 58 kg approx. she has dark brown eyes, and her hair color is dark brown.

Family And Education

Constance Nunes was born and raised in California. There is no detail information about her parents. All we could get was that her ancestors came from Portugal a long time ago. Also, on the other hand, when it comes to education, we haven’t got much information.

Fashion And Career

Nunes started her career in the automobile, and she has more than 10 years of experience. So you can get that she started early in the automobile industry. The reason to choose the garage and work in the automobile industry is that Nunes’s father used to work in a garage working on muscle cars.

Constance life

Other than working in the garage, she started to build private works. You can see her YouTube to learn more about on this segment. Simentounously, she signed different contracts with BMW, Acura, Audi, and Ford. And most of the time, she worked in the service department.

She also has the plan to open stores of her own someday. After working a couple of years in the Gotham Garage, she had the opportunity to play a character in the Netflix TV Shows. She loves the car and wants to be in this industry. Other than all these, she has an excellent modeling career. This is one of the reasons that she moved to Los Angeles.

Frequently Asked Questions! (FAQs):

Here are some interesting questions and answers that most people tend to ask.

1. Does Constance Still Work For Gotham Garage? 

Ans: Constance Nunes has had an entrepreneur’s mindset from the beginning. She still works at Car Masters and Gotham Garages. On the other hand, she has already set up her own business, which is named Cars by Constance. She also runs a blog where she shows how she restores cars and builds customizable cars.

2. How Much Money Does Constance Nunes Make?

Ans: This is a question that many people ask because she started to work in a car garage. So, from Gotham Garage, she earns around $20,000 from Netflix’s one episode. She also earns some extra money through NTA Talent Agency, where she is a model, social media adverts, and brand endorsements. One of the most interesting facts about Nunes is that she takes $1,300 for a single Instagram post.

3. Who Is The Owner Of Car Masters: Rust To Riches?

Ans: Mark Towle is one of the best car designers in the world, he has been in this business for more than 35 years. He is also a great fabricator, and he has designed so many pop culture cars. Some of the biggest names in this industry are Batmobile, Speed Racer Mach, and General Lee from The Dukers of Hazzard. Mark Towle is the owner of Car Masters: Rust to Riches.

Final Words

This popular TV personality, model, garage worker, and car enthusiast is married to her boyfriend, Jared Toller. As of now, they have no children. There are also other things that you may find interesting. She has a Ford Mustang 1954.5, which she brought when she was only 16 years old. And most importantly she is a trained mechanic who is into cars. And this is also a reason that she invests a lot of amount in muscle cars.

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