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Cooperation With Affiliate Program Or Advertiser Directly

The affiliate program has higher rates for arbitrators because the advertiser increases the affiliate program rate due to high traffic.

In addition, the partners appreciate better traffic webmasters. Traffic quality assessment carries forward out by a special department of affiliate programs, which gives an opportunity to properly evaluate the work of each webmaster, and to provide decent payments.

That is, as an arbitrator, you can make contact with a personal manager, which is provided by you in the CPA network, and discuss the issue of raising rates.

In this article, we will give specific points of cooperation with the affiliate program and Rector directly and try to find out – what is more beneficial for the webmaster in 2023.

Payment Stability

Payment Stability

Not all advertisers have payment licenses. That is, they make payments illegally. Often such transactions are blocked, so the advertising may not always technically make a payment.

Affiliates with a good reputation act on the principle of prepaying, when the advertiser makes a payment, then begin traffic arbitrage. In this way, the webmaster always gets his honest money.

WhoCPA is an affiliate program, a direct advertiser focused on the Southeast Asian market. Affiliate program sells only their own offers, so it offers the most profitable rates on the market.

There are no resells, so the webmaster can be sure that he is dealing directly with the advertiser without intermediaries. WhoCPA pays earned funds twice a week (according to the partner’s request).

Affiliates Program Have A Good Conversion

The CPA network distributes traffic between specific advertisers on each geo, and a separate partner is selected for each traffic source. Therefore, the arbitrator always pours traffic offshore with good converting. The conversion rate of a particular offer is specified in the catalog.

Moreover, a good affiliate program works to maximize traffic – ensure that the call center is working 100% “up” of the lead. If a particular advertiser in this chain does not perform its function (for example, a problem with the delivery of goods to a particular region of Asia), the traffic is redirected to another, more productive. Therefore, the bundle “arbitration-partner-advertiser” under the control of the CPA network always works.

Support For Every Webmaster

Support For Every Webmaster

Affiliate networks, as mentioned above, provide each arbitrator with a personal manager. It helps to choose the most advantageous offers and gives advice. In addition, PP can provide convertible pre-landings and creatives. That is, support is carried out at each stage. Affiliates work with all, loyal to newcomers. Advertisers want to work only with experienced webmasters.


Of course, it is more profitable to work with affiliate programs than with advertisers directly. With this cooperation, the webmaster is guaranteed to receive royalties for work, in addition to the payments being much higher. Also, the affiliate network always directs traffic to the appropriate verified ads.

The affiliate program has a support service that will always help not only technically, but also give advice. But the ideal option is when the affiliate program itself is an advertiser.

The fewer intermediaries – the easier collaboration. Therefore, if you are looking for a good offer for Asia, you can contact WhoCPA – an affiliate program, a direct advertiser with high deductions and easy deductions.


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