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Coroner Reports Says “Euphoria” Fame Actor Angus Cloud Died Of Drug Overdose!

Angus Cloud died in July 2023 at his family’s home in Oakland, California; at that point, the cause of death was not revealed. It was on 21 September 2023 that the coroner from the Alameda County Coroner office reported that Cloud died by accidental overdose of drugs.

An accidental overdose of a lethal combination of drugs, namely benzodiazepines, cocaine, and fentanyl, is the reason behind the death of popular actor Angus Cloud. In a phone call with NBC News, the coroner confirmed the overdose of the mix of drugs!

After his death, Cloud’s family informed him that the young actor was seriously struggling with grief after his father’s death! Mental health issues were involved, and it was referenced significantly after the initial statement of Angus’s death.

Cloud was not an actor before being cast in the popular HBO series Euphoria. When he was cast as Fez in the series, the stardom he received was overnight! When asked about the character and his easy portrayal, Cloud said it was not easy to play such a character.

The famous actor clarified that he was so different from the character in real life; therefore, he brought a lot to the table! He was cast by Jennifer Venditti, the casting director of Euphoria, while the series creator Sam Levinson met with Cloud, thus casting him alongside Zendaya.

Angus’s mother, Lisa Cloud McLaughlin, informed her that her son had no intention of taking his life! She told me he was grieving his father’s untimely death but was ready to take on responsibility as he discussed it with his mother.

The son was pretty clear on his intent to share responsibility for his sisters’ education and how he would be available for his mother, both emotionally and financially! His mother also said that when they hugged the previous night, saying goodnight, the mother-son shared how they loved each other, while Angus said he would see her in the morning! For any parent to lose their parent is a huge shock, and our prayers are with Cloud’s mother and the family!

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