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7 Countries That Pay High Salaries to Nurses

There’s no denying that no amount of money can make up for the blood and sweat that nurses invest in their work. A nurse’s job demands a great deal of commitment and dedication. The diverse line of work isn’t just limited to the boundaries of a hospital. Nurses may operate in public emergencies, surveys and sampling, school vaccinations, and various other roles.

Every job in the healthcare sector is severely demanding, but it doesn’t stop individuals from pursuing this career. In times like these, when a worldwide pandemic suddenly strikes the world, the demand for healthcare personnel is constantly increasing. They’re the ones that hold a patient’s hand as they take their final breaths while the family gets barred from entering a hospital. To become a nurse, all you need is a desire to save lives and a weighty salary package to keep you going.

Thankfully, several countries will grab your attention if you’re open to options regarding where to work. Nurses who hold an advanced degree have a greater chance to attain heavy salaries throughout the world. Suppose you hold a degree of master’s in nursing, and being a family nurse might intrigue your interest. The question about the salary must be lingering in your mind.

An annual msn fnp salary can range from $90,000 to $135,000 across the globe. Pay scales also thoroughly depend on the experience, certifications, and expertise of the particular nurse. Below is a list of some top countries where nurses can earn well and experience growth in the future.

1. Luxembourg

Surprisingly, this small country in Western Europe is known to treat nurses well in monetary terms. Luxembourg is already said to be among the wealthiest countries in the world, and it shows. Nurse practitioners make around $130,000 annually over here.

The figure is one of the highest in this line of work around the globe. Since the country isn’t a big one and there isn’t a lot of population, employment opportunities for nurses are rarely available. Nevertheless, some extra certifications might be your ticket into the wealthiest country for a nurse’s job. All you have to do is learn some French, and you’re good to go.


2. California

In the United States, a registered nurse can earn up to $75,000 depending on where they work. California has the highest healthcare salaries in the country, according to a study. In California, the average salary of a registered nurse can hit up to $102,000. San Jose, Santa Cruz, Vallejo, and Salinas are some cities where hospitals offer some of the best salaries to nurses in the entire world.  Other highest paying states in the US include Hawaii, Washington DC, and San Francisco. With the proper documentation, nursing jobs shouldn’t be too hard to score in the US.

3. Australia

Due to the affordable living costs, Australia is gaining much popularity in terms of establishing a living. On average, nurses can make up to $60,000 a year in Australia. Given that Australia is not a particularly costly place to live in, the package isn’t too bad. Since English is the national language of this country, it cancels out the need to learn a new language too. Australia is also becoming a popular destination for professionals trying to jump-start their careers in other fields.

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4. Switzerland

Switzerland is said to be the country that offers hefty salaries to healthcare professionals at the beginning of their careers. A new registered nurse can make up to $75,000 a year in this country. While the salary package looks good, there are specific requirements to meet. For example, the foremost thing that you will need when choosing Switzerland for work purposes is a work visa.

While a nursing qualification is mandatory, Switzerland also requires its staff to be fluent in one of the local languages. These include French, German, or Italian. Once you tick all the boxes, the remaining journey should be a walk in the park.


5. Canada

Canada is also a nice option for new and experienced nurses considering the bonuses offered by the healthcare department there. New nurses can make up to $45,000 annually, which isn’t bad at all. The pay scales can gradually increase, hitting $60,000 for a registered nurse.

Your salary can grow by 50% per hour if you choose to work extra hours. Now that’s not a deal to be missed. If the States appoints you in a remote area’s healthcare unit like Iqaluit, your salary will significantly be higher. In that scenario, you’ll also get a lot of money.

6. Norway

In Norway, there’s a particular requirement to avail a job as a nurse. You have to obtain authorization from the Directorate and Health and social affairs to proceed with your nursing practice. Another requirement is language fluency. Any employee in the public healthcare department has to be fluent in the national language that is Norwegian. Assume you meet all these requirements.

Then you can earn around $46,000. Promotions are gradual in Norway’s Healthcare department. In five years, you can make $1500 more than what you previously earned. You can finally make up to $50,000 annually with a nursing career in Norway in another five years.

7. Ireland

Staff nurses make $42,000 to $48,000 in Ireland conveniently. Starting a career as a nurse in Ireland is suitable for most because there are no language barriers.  The salaries can increase with the years of experience obtained by nurse practitioners. Some healthcare units in Ireland also offer academic sponsorships to their healthcare personnel to pursue advanced studies.


The Bottom Line

The world gradually realizes the need and actual value of nurse practitioners and offers compensation accordingly. Nurses can make a fortune in Luxembourg; however, the country rarely offers vacancies, plus the language barrier. California is also a good bet with the heavy salary packages offered by the State to healthcare professionals. Ireland is also a good option. Although the salary package isn’t so promising, nurses in Ireland can earn sponsorships to pursue further qualifications, leading to higher pay scales in the future.

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