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COVID-19 Vaccine On High Demand By China and US

Covid-19 Vaccine Updates - US and China

As per reports, there is 3 COVID-19 vaccine that is really making some progress in the early stages of COVD-19 but they have not been tested to be positive. But it is very difficult to assure that the COVID-19 vaccine will correctly work to prevent COVID-19 or to recover patients from COVID-19. 

The Ministry of Science and Technology of China announced that now they will be testing the vaccine of the second stage of the COVID-19 patients. This will be done by CanSino Biologics of China who decided to start with this testing with this COVID-19 vaccine in the second half.  

The US has not left behind itself from producing something for COVID-19 prevention, they are preparing for a shot which is being prepared by the National Institute of Health and Inc. This shot is not very far, it is on its way and is hoping to save the life lakhs of people. This dose has already been started to circulate. The first person who received this  COVID-19 vaccine, in the last month has already returned to his Seatle clinic on Tuesday for his second dose. 

The infectious disease Chief of National Institute of Health, Dr. Anthony Fauci has told the press that there has been no raise of red flags as of now and they hope that when this COVID-19 vaccine will be used in more population during June, it will likely give all positive results. 

A third party from the Inovio Pharmaceuticals already had begun giving the shots for the first step safety testing last week. It first happened in the US and wants to expand to China as soon as possible. 

The initial tests of the COVID-19 vaccine focus on safety and doctors from both countries are trying to keep the focus the same and work out the COVID-19 vaccine. 

“Please let me say this caveat: That is assuming that it’s effective. See, that’s the big ‘if,'” Dr. Anthony Fauci said.

“It’s got to be effective and it’s got to be safe.” During a news conference in China, authorities also cautioned that the studies must be done properly.

“Although we are in an emergency, we cannot lower the standards of safety and effectiveness in the reviews of vaccines,” a Chinese biopharmaceutical expert namely said Wang Junzhi. 

“The public is paying huge attention.”

The World Health Organization has counted on more than 5 dozen different types of COVID-19 vaccines, and they expect that it might get circulated to the world as soon as they are properly developed. They are in the early stage of development, which can only be experimented on the patients of phase 1. 

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