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The Deposit Market In The USA


Many world institutions guarantee the reliability of invested funds. Deposits in American banks, in addition to this, offer a decent interest rate. America’s banking system is designed for depositors, therefore it offers maximum conditions for those who have funds and wish to open a deposit.

The inflow of capital is the main goal for the bank or such organization as the Payday Depot, which means that attention is paid not only to US citizens and corporations with millions in capital but also to wealthy foreigners.

Terms And Rates

The determining factor for the rate is the maturity of the deposit. A client making a deposit in an American bank for a year expects an income of 0.09%. Other conditions will be for long-term investments, then one can count on profits over 0.4%. The only negative issue is the level of dollar inflation, which means that the real increase will be small.

In any case, American banks offer the following interest rates:

  • 0.05% – on deposits for 3–6 months;
  • 0.2% – If the deposit is for 2 years;
  • 0.45% – for a period of 5 and 10 years.

Online deposits

The law does not provide for the possibility for non-residents of the country to open a deposit online. Only foreign citizens who are directly located in the United States can open savings accounts in American banks, which means they have the opportunity to come to the branch and confirm their identity.

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How To Open A Deposit In A Us Bank For Citizens Of Other Countries?

Open A Deposit In A Us Bank

Having citizenship other than the USA, you can make a deposit in two ways: personally come to the bank or pay intermediary companies for their services. There are financial organizations in America that provide this kind of service. They always consider the client in terms of financial capabilities, and not residency.

The task will become much easier if you immediately contact American banks, which by default provide services to foreigners. The most famous of them are Citibank, Wells Fargo, and Chase. Those who come to their branches in order to open an account or a deposit will have no problems in getting the required service on the proper level.

Find out in advance what interest is offered on deposits in American banks, which means you can calculate the amount of income both in the branch and on the website of a financial institution.

To open a savings account, you must have:

  • international passport;
  • visa, including tourist;
  • credit card of a bank in your country;
  • deposit amount.

If all the documents are in order, the registration procedure will take no more than half an hour. Later, the bank will send the card to the client’s address.

American banks are major players in the global financial system, occupying a significant position in the international movement of capital. That becomes possible due to their experience, customer focus, and the national currency – the dollar, which affects the market conditions and securities quotes not only within the country but also abroad.

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