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Destiny 2 New Player Guide

Destiny 2

Starting to play Destiny 2, a new player needs to understand the class system in order to make a choice and learn weapons and types of elements that can be used against monsters and other players.

Learn about the system of raids and strikes and how to level up to get sparkles and improve your equipment.

Short Story

Titan is the protector of the main city and a member of the order of knights. Each of the orders takes an oath of protection.

Warlocks are fighters against darkness and constant wanderers in search of knowledge and light.

The hunter is a wanderer from the desert, who, along with his brothers, was expelled from his native lands and constant travel made them excellent shooters and masters of disguise. Contract lovers, as evidenced by a special cape. If a hunter dies, a fellow must take the cloak and fulfill the contract in his place.


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Titan – The defensive Warrior, excels in close combat and at medium range. Uses weapons and fists to attack opponents and protect allies. Can summon a protective shield that will block AoE damage from the front, but watch out for grenades – they can be thrown or rolled.

Warlock is a mixture of a marksman and a magic class. Capable of creating special wells that can heal and buff allies, or weaken or damage an enemy.

Hunter – perfectly deals damage from long distances and in melee. Uses daggers and various smoke screens to evade opponents.


There are 4 ways to level up a character available to the player:

  1. Passing training and completing story quests. They will bring the player experience, glitter, equipment upgrades, and gradual growth and approach to the raid system.
  2. Raids and Strikes – types of raids on the lair of bosses in order to get the best equipment and weapons. The quality of a weapon depends on its rank and the level described in numbers – it is in raids that the best examples are obtained. Not all raids will be available to the player without purchasing the corresponding upgrade from the Benjie store.
  3. Contracts – paid tasks that essentially allow the player to exchange money for additional experience. Contracts are secondary tasks that do not have any particular difficulties and are focused on things that are common for the player – killing monsters, using grenades, and so on.
  4. Apply for destiny 2 boosting service to get professional players to access the account. When pumping, VPN is used and the safety of private data is guaranteed. After completing the leveling, it is recommended to change the password and go to your first Mythic raid.

Weapons And Skills

Weapons And Skills

In Destiny 2, the main emphasis is on two factors – the weapon and the skill that the player has chosen to upgrade his character.

There are three skills – Sun, Lightning, and Void.

Depending on the selected skill, the character’s skills will be converted.

  • A hunter with the sun skill can deliver one well-aimed and a very strong shot.
  • A void warlock effectively deals AoE damage to targets.
  • Titan with lightning, formidable in close combat

There are many combinations, and you need to choose according to your style of play, but in order to qualitatively develop your characters, you need to get legendary weapons and armor and understand the specifics of the class.

Strikes And Raids

As you already understood, strikes and raids are key areas for obtaining weapons and armor of high and legendary quality.


Raid on the lair of the boss of a group of three. You need to destroy several groups of monsters and the boss himself.


A similar raid on the lair, but it requires much more people to enter, and even 15 people for the mythical difficulty.

The complexity of the raid is in its stages, each of which is individual and not similar to the others, but often the principle is the same.

  • Protect spheres, or destroy objects.
  • Defeat assistants and the strongest guards.
  • Defeat the boss while avoiding his massive attacks and without getting into the designated areas.


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Destiny 2 has a heavily implemented PVP system that allows players to earn special iron badges and adds an element of competition and entertainment to the game.

Iron coins serve as a source for purchasing additional equipment.

»Group PVP

Allows played groups to hone their teamwork skills and test their weapons against real opponents, not monsters.

For efficiency, master the grenade system, they will be especially useful when breaking through defenses or offensive.

When a Titan puts up a defensive shield and covers himself and his comrades with it, there are only a few ways to break through this defense:

  1. Throw a grenade from the side, or use a rebound. With an explosion or stun, you can break through the defense and pounce on the group, shooting through them with dense fire.
  2. Get around from the back using smoke and decoy grenades from the hunter.

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