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Difference Between Felony & Misdemeanor


If you have less idea about the crimes and their consequences, you are in a perfect place to enhance your knowledge of crime and its instances. In this article, we will discuss the two common parts of crime: Misdemeanor and Felony.

Understanding the basic difference between these two crimes is not enough, and thus we decided to give you a comprehensive idea of these through our article.

To get the basic idea, a Felony is a serious crime, and a Misdemeanor is a less serious crime. When you are convicted for a dangerous crime, that is a Felony, and when you are convicted of a minor offense, that is a Misdemeanor.

What Is Felony?

A felony in Georgia is a serious crime and considered more than one-year imprisonment. You can carry up to 20 years of imprisonment if you commit dangerous crimes like capital crimes.

On the other hand, a judge can give death penalties for felonies in the state of Georgia. If you or your loved ones are in such a condition, and you want the last hope to protect someone’s rights, you can consider trusting an Atlanta felony attorney for better solutions.

What Is Misdemeanor?

What is Misdemeanor? It’s more casual in terms of the seriousness of the crime.

With a Misdemeanor, you might have to face a maximum of one-year imprisonment and also penalties up to $ 1000.

The Misdemeanor crime was later divided into sections; for instance, High Misdemeanors and simple Misdemeanors. The punishment varies on the intensity of the crime, and jurisdictions can push the punishment bar depending on the situation.

Determine The Differences:

Felony lawyer

To understand the difference properly, we will let you go through the type of crimes to specifically understand their categories. You can also hire a Felony lawyer in Atlanta for your problems and doubts.

1. Crime Against A Person

  • These types of crimes generally fall under Felony. In contrast, some of the less aggressive Batteries and assaults are considered Misdemeanors.
  • For example, Kidnapping, Homicide, Aggravated Battery, and assaults are crimes that are committed against a person and are considered as Felony.

2. Sexual Crime

This crime can be put into both sections depending upon the intensity of the crime. For instance, prostitution is a Misdemeanor crime that will charge you with one year in jail and a penalty of up to $ 1000.

On the other hand, sexual assault, child molestation, rape, et cetera are dangerous crimes and are sentenced under Felony. If you are curious about or convicted of a Felony, you can contact a Felony lawyer in Atlanta to make your path easy.

In both cases, the final decision is taken by judging the intensity of the crime and its situation.

3. Property Crime

Proper crime can be easily differentiated for understanding both crime sections. If you are alleged to be trespassing, you will be under the terms of a Misdemeanor.

On the other hand, all types of arson come under the term of Felony. And there is also another differentiation meter; for instance, if the damage is more than $ 500, you will be considered under the terms of a Felony.

4. DUI Crimes

Driving under the influence (DUI) is generally considered a Misdemeanor crime, while its intensity and few parameters decide whether it will stay a Misdemeanor for you or not.

For instance, if you convict the crime for the first two times, you will be under ‘simple’ Misdemeanor charges. In addition, if the third turn comes, your conviction will be treated as a ‘High’ Misdemeanor.

Whereas the fourth attempt will be considered a Felony, and you will be treated with high charges and other consequences like long imprisonment.

5. Crime With Theft

In these types of cases, the time of the crime and the value of stolen material decides the conviction. Well, both armed and unarmed robbery are considered Felonies.

The severity of this type of crime decides its stand as a Misdemeanor. Do not just ponder on your understanding; rather, go for a Felony lawyer in Atlanta to understand what your crime is and how you will be treated.

To Conclude

It is your responsibility to hire a professional attorney for your own safety in advance. In addition, you can follow the differentiation between Felony and Misdemeanor in this article to get a basic idea of categorizing your crime.

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