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How Different Eye Colors Reveal Personality Traits

Personality Traits

Recent studies in psychology and some focus surveys have brought up a new window of understanding someone’s personality. This study on eye color and how you can judge a person’s agreeableness through these hued irises is making some impact.

Not just for psychology enthusiasts but any layman who has been trying to understand someone’s characteristics, this study gives them some data to analyze different behaviors.

Now, before we begin with this article, let us give you a fair disclaimer. Something like eye color is not a convenient way to understand a person completely. Yes, there can be some overlapping, but contrary to popular belief, it is not a window to their soul.

Eye Color & Personality

Now that we have the disclaimer out of the way, let us understand the character traits as explained by psychologists. Moreover, through this experiment, they were trying to understand how agreeable each of them is and how they should be approached.

1. Brown Eye

Brown hazel eye color

This is the most common eye color in the world, and yet many western countries would find a way to exoticize this eye color. So, according to the survey, these are character traits that have been discovered with the help of these surveys.

Dating with brown eyed girl is the most fun, said some of the survey participants. So, if you are planning something in the near future, then here are the characteristics you should be aware of.

– They are practical and self-sufficient and wouldn’t stop being extremely logical if the situation calls for it.

– Outgoing & steadfast are the two most common traits found in almost every brown-eyed girl, other than some exceptions.

– They are loyal and kind but only when they are dealing with loved ones. When it comes to others, they might be compassionate, but their logical side will stop them from being overly kind.

2. Blue Eye

Beautiful woman with blue eyes

This is known to be very attractive eye color, to the point that individuals with gray eyes also would have transitioned to brown eyes if they could. However, here are some of the lesser-known facts about blue-eyed individuals.

– Did you know that blue eyes are known to have the highest pain tolerance? Both physical and emotional.

– They are known to get out of an emotionally jarring situation with less damage because of their resistance.

– Contrary to popular beliefs we have towards blonde-haired, blue-eyed individuals, surveys show that they are not that easy to sway.

– Very cautious and does not open up easily.

3. Green Eye

Beautiful macro closeup shot of a female human's deep eyes

Green is unique eye color, as you do not see this everywhere in the world. Only certain European countries and American populations have this beautiful eye color. Now, coming to their characteristics traits on evaluation.

– They are your best friend in stressful situations, as according to a survey, they are good at averting crisis.

– However, they are not very opinionated. But that doesn’t mean they are not passionate.

– They love their freedom and have an air of mystery around them.

– A good restraint over emotion, and they do not easily get angry.

4. Hazel Eye

Close-up shoot of female eye with brown bright make-up and leaf

This is a very attractive eye color for women, according to some surveys taken. So, if you are into a hazel-eyed woman as well, these are some of the qualities you should be aware of about these beauties.

– Determined and adventurous in one whole package. This means if they put their mind to something, that most likely will get done.

– Since fiery energy is not less in these women, they have a habit of taking up tasks no matter how challenging they are.

– They are not myopic and love to safeguard their independence.

– Their adventurous ideas are almost always out of the box.

Some Rare Eye Colors

Now, these are common eye colors that you will probably find in every ten people. However, there are some unique eye colors as well.

– Gray: They hate to fool around and take their lives very seriously.

– Black: There are only a few people in the world who are born with dark black eyes. Other than the mystery that they give out, they are also known to be born leaders.

A very rare eye mutation at birth can cause heterochromia. This is when two irises are not the same color.



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