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Different Types Of Racks Used For Storage


Storage is an essential component in the post-production operations of industries. Storage racks can be of various types. The diversity is enormous, ranging from the tire rack to the cantilever rack.

They help in handling supply-chain management in an effective and worthwhile manner. This article will highlight the different types of racks that can be optimized with the use of pallet flippers, enhancing your warehouse efficiency and storage solutions.

Five Major Racks That Are Used For Storage:

storage racks

1. Drum storage rack

30- and 55-gallon barrels or drums are multipurpose in industrial and home setups. Usually, their function is to store various liquids (e.g., paint) and dispense them easily whenever the need arises.

Drum storage racks help fit many of these barrels within a small space. They are made of heavy-duty steel so that they can withstand heavy loads.

Cross-bracing is present between its steel arms to prevent any deflection under certain circumstances. The braces give sturdy and safe support to the drums.

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2. Tire rack

As the name suggests, these racks are used to store tires. They can be seen in automobile repair centers or tire manufacturing industries. These racks can also be used in home garages to keep spare wheels or tires above the ground.

3. Push-back rack

A push-back rack is a pallet-type racking system. It helps in the storage of high-density goods in a compact area. Several carts are raised on these racks.

While loading, the first pallet of goods is loaded at the topmost position, followed by others. Whenever a pallet is unloaded, the rest of the pallets come forward due to the effect of gravity. It ensures hassle-free and selective unloading of goods.

4. Cantilever rack

The cantilever rack is useful when storing ‘longer’ goods (e.g., lumber) in bundles or rolls. The system consists of vertical poles that support horizontal arms and can be multistoried.

It doesn’t hinder its accessibility as forklifts make each of them accessible whenever a requirement arises. Sometimes, a wire mesh network is present between the horizontal bars. They act as additional protection and prevent accidental falling of goods.

Based on their manufacturing process, these racks can be of two types: structural (formed by rolling hot steel) and cold-rolled (made by rolling a flat sheet of steel).

A great benefit of this rack is that several columns or bars can be added as per the user’s needs. It is of great help while expanding the operations without much expenditure or hassle.

5. Mobile stack rack

A mobile stack rack consists of each rack being mounted over the other, having an elementary organization. The whole multistoried stack rack structure resides on caster wheels.

It makes the whole unit movable. Within warehouses or industries, this racking is generally used to temporarily store and transport products from one place to another efficiently.


Storage racks are an essential ingredient in every industrial or home storage area. They store manufactured goods efficiently by keeping them above the ground. Storage racks decrease the possibility of accidental damage to the goods by external forces or pathogenic agents.

Not only this, the vertical space, which is generally untouched, is adequately utilized by these racks. It saves time and capital expenditure while helping a setup run without any operational hurdles.

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