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How To Combine Different Types of Tiles In A Bathroom

Tiling is an absolutely essential part of the interior design process of any bathroom. In this particular piece, we will take a look at some of the types of bathroom tiles that are right for combining with other types of tiles. The results that you can achieve with this mixing technique can be quite original and dynamic as well.

It is very common for many people to choose just one type of tile for their bathroom and then just move on to the next thing. More often than not, what we are looking for is just a simple, discreet, and also practical result that will be not just easy to maintain but also relatively easy to clean.

One thing that we very often forget is the fact that a lot of really original and striking design patterns can be achieved if we just ditch the one-type tile approach and make use of a variety of tiles. The only thing that we have to do is to combine them and we can very easily get balanced and also harmonious compositions.

Let us now take a look at some of the better ways in which you can combine different types of tiles in your bathrooms.

1. Hydraulic Tile

Let us, first of all, understand what these particular tiles look like. In essence, they happen to be made out of pigmented cement and are available in a wide variety of colors. They make use of a hydraulic press in its construction process and that is where it gets its name from.

These types of tiles have their origins in France and it was around the end of the 19th century when they came to be. Very quickly they were in demand in many different parts of the world owing to their spectacular beauty. At the time, these tiles were considered to be very modern.

These tiles have been able to curve out a special place in our attention due to the fact that they had busy and varied designs. Some prominent examples of these types of tiles are mosaics that have Moroccan inspiration, plants, and also geometric motifs. They are also very decorative in nature, while at the same time being sufficiently solid and strong.

It is very common to find them in one particular design when they are in a particular room altogether. One thing that you can do with them is to alternate them with other smooth tiles that are in light tones or are completely in white.

When installing these tiles, make sure that you take special notes so that the design does not become too busy and overwhelming. One thing you can probably do is to get all of the tiles for the bathroom in the same pattern but in different colors, or you can even do the opposite of that.

2. Bathroom Tiles That Have Indentations

The tiles that have indentations are a particular novelty. These tiles always have designs that are very complex and they are what you can consider being, “real pieces of art.”

These types of tiles are not only seen in bathrooms. In fact, it is very common to see these types of tiles in bathrooms as well. One thing to note is that in both of these cases you are much more likely to see these tiles on the walls and not on the floors.

It completely depends on how complex the design of these tiles is, but you can generally make use of these tiles along with much simpler ones that are of only one color like silver or white.

You can also have them be placed halfway up on the walls, leaving the other upper half to be painted. This can be a bit more practical as well. Or, you can even make use of another type of smooth tile instead of just painting the remaining upper part of the walls.

When you use these tiles, you create a feeling that can be best described as being dynamic and also moving. One other thing that you can do with these particular types of tiles is to use a type of simple tile for the majority of the room and then get a sophisticated border that will run through the entire breadth of the space. This kind of manufactured contrast looks very keen and is also pleasing to the eyes.

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3. Tiles That Are Of Different Shapes, Sizes, And Colors

Finally, we would like to give you one more very nice option. In the design ideas that we mentioned above, the floors and walls were all covered, in the majority of cases, with just one type of tile design. Rather than that, what you should try to do is make use of the different types of tiles available in the market and combine them.

When you use this particular type of method, you very clearly define the different areas of your bathroom. For example, one specific tile type will be made use of in the shower area and also another type of tile where the sink is. If you were to take this route, you would get to create a space that has a lot more contrast that is clear and orderly.

In order to achieve this, you can make use of different types of tiles. Just make sure that they are complementary to each other and are not too unnecessarily bright.

If your goal is to create more contrast than the above-mentioned ways, you can make use of tiles that come in different shapes and sizes. For instance: you can use square tiles or rectangular tiles for your walls while using hexagonal tiles for the floors.

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