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12 Distinctive Dating Services to Find Love, Friends, and Kindred Spirits

Dating Services

It is hard to argue with the fact that modern technology has greatly simplified our lives. Among the conveniences that we have now is the ability to order groceries and food, work from anywhere on earth, and find your soulmate right in an app on your gadget. Many studies confirm that most married couples now get acquainted online. But to make your search even easier, we have selected niche apps to filter people out by interest.

1. Equestrian Cupid

If you are one of the Asian brides but have to live in a big city, although your heart is in horseback riding, and you dream of meeting your cowboy one day, then this application is just a godsend for you. If you want to live in country style, plunge into rural life, leave the city and meet the same lovers of horses and riding — now you have such an opportunity because the platform positions itself as a community especially for such people.

2. Forty-Five

The main difference of this service is that during the registration process, you do not upload a profile picture, as in other applications, but shoot a video about yourself. After 45 minutes, this video will be deleted. Everyone who was online at that moment and managed to see your video is most likely ready to meet you.

3. Tall Friends

Why do women prefer a tall partner? For aesthetics, of course, research has confirmed. For instance, some women reported that they did not like to “look down into a man’s eyes,” others complained that it’s not convenient at all to hug with a short partner. If the height of your partner is crucial to you, but previously you have not been able to meet tall people, this application was created especially for such people with a height above average.

4. Double-Double

Whether it’s a blind date or the first meeting with a girl from the app, a double date can make this special evening not so stressful if you are worried badly and afraid to be alone with her. In a group of four people, the chances are higher than a casual conversation will start and will continue — even if it is about some general topic.

The main thing is that it can help avoid awkward silence and distract a little from having to fill every minute with something. Therefore, use this app and benefit from it.

5. Trek Passions

Do you consider yourself a true Star Trek fan and would like to get acquainted with someone with the same passions? There is already a solution for you — this platform brings science fiction lovers together in one place. Now you can find people with whom you can discuss futuristic topics, find a soulmate, or friends with the same interests.

6. SaladMatch

Today, people are so immersed in work that sometimes the only spare time they have during the day is lunchtime. For such people, a certain restaurant chain in the Big Apple has launched an application in which, as many might have guessed, people do not order food, but go on a date with salad lovers at their favorite restaurant, if the time of their visit to the establishment coincides.

7. Luxy

Are you still that lover of luxury and famous brands? Do you want to get acquainted with new people similar to you and with the same views on luxury? Then this Poorless Tinder is for you. During the registration process in the application, you have to indicate your favorite brands and fashion houses, based on which the match will be based.

8. Pure

The service is based on requests. You explicitly say your gender and the gender of the partner you are looking for to meet. Then upload your best pictures, and you can add a field about yourself. On the first launch, it will give you five tickets to publish five applications.

They are valid for seven days. The application lives one hour. This means the following: the search for your sexual partner is made only for an hour and only at an acceptable distance from you. This means that there are no people who simply “posted a profile”.

Moreover, you cannot be found on the platform when you do not want it. Your profile is stored on your phone and published only for one hour at the time of the search. And yes, you don’t need to create any accounts.

9. Wingman

Do you often travel by plane and do not mind meeting interesting people for a joint pastime during your trip? Then welcome — this is Tinder in the clouds. By airline and flight number, it searches for you appropriate passengers to get acquainted with. You can also indicate whether this is a business trip or vacation. And don’t forget to upload a photo.

10. Yep!

On Yep!, several types of activity are offered:

  • walk,
  • sports,
  • coffee,
  • lunch and so on.

To find a company, you need to activate a ticket for 24 hours ($0.99) and post a request for a meeting. The creators of Yep! are focused on “here and now”, so the published application is valid no longer than half an hour. Yep! the app is designed to solve different sides of the same problem — the closedness of the social circle and the lack of simple tools for finding a new company. Yep! has the widest possible focus and is looking for people for a variety of activities — from jogging to talking over coffee.

11. SeekingArrangement

The relationship between a kept woman and her sponsor is known to be based on sex without obligation and financial reward. In such an open relationship, both win — everyone gets what they need, and there are complaints. And this app is exactly for such people.

12. Gluten-Free Singles

A complex genetic disease is associated with the fact that the body’s work is immediately upset if you eat something that contains gluten, a vegetable protein found in cereals:

  • wheat,
  • rye

The intestines begin to rebel: endless pains, weight loss… If nothing is done, serious complications ensue. There is only one salvation — a rigid gluten-free diet. If you have gluten intolerance, this is not a reason to be lonely and deprive yourself of the joy of a relationship. This app will help you find people with the same eating habits

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