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Does Walmart Drug Test? Must Read | Complete Guide [Updated]

Walmart is a massive retail store and has branches spread across the world. The multinational retail store employs more than 2.3 million employees. With a massive number of employee lists, I cannot help but wonder, “does walmart drug test?”

Walmart’s huge staff list makes it convenient for the organization to run the drug test. To answer your question, I can say Walmart performs regular and random drug tests and checks on their employees.

Also, if you are applying for a position in Walmart, you probably also have to go through a drug test yourself. Walmart carries out this drug test to maintain a healthy workplace environment. In this article, I will answer queries like -how does Walmart drug test? I have also confirmed if they run drug tests on employees during their employment.

Drug Test Structure At Walmart

Walmart goes through a drug test on their employees. They resort to different methods for testing drugs in a person’s system. Some of the tests include urine testing, saliva testing, etc.

The process of testing the drug is very simple (according to how Walmart does it). It follows a top to bottom approach. First, the local managers call for the employees’ alcohol and drug tests. People who apply for entry-level jobs at the local store also have to undergo a drug test by the local managers.

Drug Test Structure At Walmart

Employees or candidates must use special tubes or cups to collect their urine. It is mandatory to provide urine samples within 24 hours after the managers ask for them. If denied, the managers will county the test invalid or positive.

Drug Test Policy Of Walmart

Does Walmart drug test? Yes, they do. But there is a policy for testing drugs into the applying candidates and employees system. Here are the policies employees have to abide by –

Drug Test Policy
  • Employees cannot carry other items within the bathroom. Otherwise, their result will be deemed invalid.
  • Once the sample is ready, it goes to a scientist who runs an analysis to check for drugs like heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, and marijuana. Sometimes they also look for alcohol.
  • You get the result ready within a day or two. The time depends upon the level of analysis required for a test.
  • If an employee refuses to go through a test ordered under any suspicion, their contract might be terminated. Even after a work-related accident, an employee may undergo a drug test. Denying the test, as mentioned, can result in the termination of their contract.
  • Refusal of drug tests can also disqualify them to work at other retail stores besides Walmart.
  • Faking a sample or any other proof can also lead to the test result is positive. The manager can rightfully conclude the result of the test positive if any applicant disqualifies from the drug test by Walmart.

Does Walmart Drug Test?

Drug Test Walmart

All the workers at Walmart have to go through a background check. But the drug test part heavily depends upon the store and the local manager at the Walmart store. Also, drug testing has a lot to do with the position you are applying for or promoting to.

Suppose you are applying for positions such as AP position, coach, maintenance, pharmacy, or any higher-up position. You have to take a drug test. Also, Walmart stores run a drug test if you are hurt. The maintenance department jobs require you to go through a proper drug test.

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Does Walmart Drug Test At Orientation?

Yes, Walmart does run a drug test at orientation. But it is not mandatory to go through a drug test for all Walmart jobs. But, the law acknowledges pre-employment drug testing for employment.

Drug Test At Orientation

1. Alcohol Test At Walmart

Does Walmart drug test? You know the answer. But do they carry out alcohol tests? Yes. They do. Again the test depends upon the position one is applying for. Suppose you are applying for any departments like pharmacy, TLE, deli, and auto departments. The test is a part of the interview and is mandatory for those who apply for the said positions.

2. Random Testing

Random tests are drug tests that Walmart runs after you secure your position there. The tests are run at the discretion of the local manager of the Walmart store. They are held accountable for any actions taken by their employees. So, they have to be on the safe side and carry out the drug test.

The local managers are also given full authority to run a test. The reputation of the corporation is in their hands, so they might make the test mandatory for the employees. The test may also be conducted for long-term employees. If they have shown any behavior suggestive of them being under the influence of drugs, the local manager can call for a random test.

3. Reasonable Suspicion Test

When a manager suspects an employee of any substance abuse, they can ask for a reasonable suspicion drug test. Employees have to give a sample of their urine and saliva instantly if that is the case.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

With that said, I have listed some relevant questions and answers in case you need any further help –

1. Does Amazon Make You Do Drug Tests?

Ans: Amazon employees working in the transportation or equipment operation department have to go through a drug test. The department of transportation is the one that requires a drug test.

2. What Kind Of Drug Tests Does Walmart Run?

Ans: Walmart can run a drug test on the employees. The main tests are usually urine tests and saliva tests. Walmart’s drug test kit carries a sample of urine and saliva, and they test it to confirm whether the employee has a negative or positive result.

3. When Does Walmart Ask For A Drug Test?

Ans: Walmart asks for a drug test during an interview. Also, random tests are also asked for sometimes following any random incident. But pre-employment tests are a must for some specific posts.

Final Words

If you are clean from your end, then you don’t have to worry and ask, “does Walmart drug test?” but, on a serious note, you must know that the local managers of the store can ask for a test at any moment. So, I suggest that you keep drugs away and stay clean. If you cooperate and come clean in the test, then there is nothing to worry about.

Did you find this article informative? We can answer your question in the comment. So, if you have any questions, ask away.

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