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Drumming 101: Right Curtains


Do you know that some curtains are soundproof and recommended for drummers? In case you don’t want to hear your neighbors screaming at you each time you start playing, you have to pick soundproof curtains. Read this brief guide that will improve your drumming career.

What Are Soundproof Curtains?

What Are Soundproof Curtains?

Drumming is a pretty loud activity no matter whether you live in an apartment or a private house. This instrument sound can be equal to the train arriving right to your room. In case you don’t have a separate soundproof training spot, you have to take care of decreasing the sound volume. Curtains that are soundproof don’t cost much. They are made of specific fabric and consume the sound escaping through windows.

This solution does not silence all the sounds but significantly lessens the volume. They are great for cymbals, as well as any other instruments and noises. Don’t think that they completely eliminate the sound. Yet, together with other soundproof ideas, they are helpful.

Soundproof curtains look similar to ordinary fabric ones. The main difference is in the mass. It has a bigger mass of material, which decreases the sound. Since glass windows transmit the sound louder than brick walls, you have to add the mass there. If you have glass doors, you need to get curtains for them as well.

Different Types of Curtains

Different Types of Curtains

The market offers a wide range of options, but not all of these curtains work. You have to decide which type is the most helpful in your case. They are:

  • Home soundproof or insulation curtains. These curtains reduce the noise coming from the street. You don’t hear loud cars or neighbors. They are also known as blackout insulation curtains since they consume the sun outdoors, keeping the room cool. Originally, these curtains were not made for drummers but quickly earned their trust as an effective tool.
  • Audio insulation fabric. This product was designed as sheets, not as curtains. You can still hang such fabric on the window or door. Sheets are simple to be sewn on your classic curtains as well. They were made to consume the sound. They are heavier than ordinary curtains and have a great mass. This option is one of the most expensive on the list. If you need a lot of fabric, you might think about other models.
  • Industrial blankets. This is an affordable option. They are not curtains at all, and yet they consume the sound. You can significantly decrease the sound using the blankets on the windows. Originally, they were made for protection while moving, as well as reduction of the sound in the industrial districts. You can find thicker or thinner blankets on the market. The thicker they are, the better they consume sound. You still have to think about how to attach them to your windows. Yet, they work really well. We recommend you stitch these blankets to the curtains or hang them in a second row, invisible from the outside.

Picking Up Best Curtain for Drummers

Soundproof curtains might not completely stop the sound from getting out through the window, so you should reconsider the idea of playing after midnight or before dawn. Yet, they are helpful additions to other measures and significantly decrease the sound volume. Consider them even if you are an amateur musician.

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