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5 Unusual Yet Fabulous Gifts For Mother’s Day

This year, the first couple of months seem to be flying by at a faster rate than ever before and as a result, it is already time to start considering what you are going to buy your cherished and treasured parent this Mother’s Day.

If you are looking for something a bit different from the standard bunch of flowers, box of chocolates, and decorative card this year, then continue reading to discover five of the best unusual yet fabulous gifts for Mother’s Day.

1. A Handmade Wooden Bird House

If your mom is somewhat of a green-fingered parent, then there can be nothing more suitable for Mother’s Day than something for her prized garden.

Instead of the more conventional bunch of flowers, plant pot, or sunflower seeds, why not have a commissioned handmade and hand-painted wooden birdhouse made for your mom to display proudly in her garden when the spring arrives.

2. An Oil Diffuser Bracelet

An unusual and possibly even unheard-of gift, by both yourself and your mom, but one that she will undoubtedly absolutely love is that of an oil diffuser bracelet.

Essentially, the bracelet is aesthetically identical to a regular bracelet and can indeed be worn as such, but when your mom feels as if she needs a proverbial pick-me-up, she can simply add a few drops of essential oils into the hub of the bracelet which will diffuse slowly and effectively throughout the day.

There is a myriad of other Mother’s Day gifts along the same lines of self-care and emotional health boosters that you could choose if your mom isn’t keen on wearing jewelry.

3. A Coffee Machine

3. A Coffee Machine

When coffee machines first arrived on the scene, they were large, bulky, and needed more than a few extra attachments before they could be used in the home.

However, these days, coffee machines have evolved into sleek pieces of technology that can be as ‘fancy’ or as simple as your mother would prefer. If you are thinking a coffee machine is the perfect present for your mom, then choose one in the same style and design aesthetic as the other appliances in her kitchen.

4. A Portable Foot Spa

4. A Portable Foot Spa

If your mom spends the majority of her time on her feet, then a fantastic, thoughtful, and incredible gift is that of a portable foot spa.

The range of different foot spas available is truly impressive and you could spend as little or as much as you desire, with the more expensive foot spas doubling as a foot massage as well.

5. A Photo Cushion

If your mom loves nothing more than displaying photographs of her children, grandchildren, friends, and even pets around the home, then why not have her favorite family photograph printed onto a cushion, blanket, tote bag, or even, if you are really going for it, a quilt and matching pillowcase!

Simply search online for a local photo printing service and browse the products on offer to find the perfect personalized photographic product this Mother’s Day.

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