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Flutter: Flapping the Wings for Mobile Development Start-Ups


Flutter is a free open source software development kit (SDK) that is initiated by Google to advance vigorous, expandable, and high-speed mobile applications for multiple operating systems through a single codebase.

Flutter is an absolute user-interface kit that facilitates app developers to develop a huge application with the best icons, composition, and twirling actions.

App developers who are already acquainted with Java or Javascript can promptly catch on to the language as flutter is constructed on Google’s in-house language Dart.

Guidelines and community support in flutter work magnificently which encourages an app developer to start making his app on Flutter without any tussle. Even non-programmers and amateur developers have started building their apps on this platform.

Choosing Cross-platform mobile apps over native apps:

Whether to make an application that works on all the operating systems of a mobile phone or whether to be specific for using a single operating system to prepare an app for?

To reap more benefits from the market an app developer must be able to identify the target audience and their needs. Will a start-up be able to sustain in the crowd?

The simple solution to all such kinds of questions is to promote Cross-Platform mobile applications with a rare approach.

In general, startups and mobile app developers have two major preferences for developing an app; Cross-platform or Native apps. Due to the inadequacy of funds to make a native android or ios app, developers generally opt for Cross-platform applications.

Reasons behind preferring Cross-platforms for applications:

1. Low-Cost App Development

Building a native app is way too costly for startups as developers need to set up diverse codes for developing an app for different operating systems.

While on the other hand, a single code base can be used to develop an app that can work precisely on various platforms and it plays an important role in curbing the cost of maintaining an app.

2. Quick to develop Cross-Platform Application

As cross-platform is made by using a single code base; there is no such need for writing codes again to make your app run on multiple operating systems. App developers are set free to focus on their next application coding or projects.

3. Plugins are easy to avail

Developers have a wide range of plugins when they work on developing a cross-platform application which makes the creation process more sound and convenient.

4. Less efforts to test an application

There arises no need to hire an experienced developer to review app performance on the different platforms when Testing for appium. Quality assurance experts just have to check one single version of the application and it consumes less time.

5. Reusability of code

The convenience of using the same code is the most prominent asset that a cross-platform app development framework can offer. A single code can be passed down on multiple platforms which further saves much of the coding time of developers that they allot to building native apps.

Features of Flutter:

1. Fast app development with hot reload

Flutter’s hot reload makes it more recognizable among all. Such a feature allows a developer to build UI, add the additional features to the app, and fix the bugs in actual time. Hot reloads instantly show the changes that were made in coding.

There is no need to save the files to see the changes that were made in coding. Changes made in coding are even cast back to the actual state of an app.

2. Flutter is an open-source

In case if you are devising a flutter app development company for your upcoming app development projects. Then you must know that Flutter is an open-source language.

The complexity of the project does not make it tedious for developers instead it provides developers with ample scope of beautiful material design, smooth scrolling behaviors, and much more.

As it is open-source, developers can seek options in design and its templates while working and building an app on flutter.

3. Outstanding catalog of Flutter’s widgets

The biggest question whether you are a startup or an enterprise is the achievement of an application before investing in the app development process and even after the completion of that process.

Flutter offers some exotic widgets integrated that safeguard the native performance of the application.

The vast catalog of widgets includes scrolling, navigating, fonts and icons that provide tussle-free app development.

4. The single code base for different operating systems

While hiring a company for app development to create an app that works on all the different operating systems.

By using flutters, the developers will have to write a single code that works on all the cross-platform applications which are somewhat similar to native apps in terms of features, UI/UX, and performance.


With billions of companies and startups emerging on a daily basis, it becomes very difficult to make your product a brand. Budget is the most important aspect when starting a new project.

If the startup is planning to provide an app for all the users of different operating systems then Flutter provides a cross-platform without pinching a penny from your pocket.

Flutter is the bi-product of Google which works on Dart language with high potential and extensive features a developer can develop an app that functions and works just like the replica of native apps.

Flutter will provide wings to all the mobile start-ups who are eagerly waiting for a chance to enter the industry and make some noise just within a few months. The cost behind anything which is above the budget disappoints us heavily. But this platform will provide the things within your limited budget.

Vishal Virani

Vishal Virani is a Founder and CEO of Coruscate Solutions, a leading Mobile App Development company. He enjoys writing about the vital role of mobile apps for different industries, custom web development, and the latest technology trends.

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