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What Gaming Internet Speed Is Good For You?

We all want a smooth gaming experience.

It is the primary requirement when you’re gaming, but why? Mostly, because the gameplay depends on the speed, especially for the first shooter and multiplayer games. Nobody likes to have lags and disruption in their gaming internet speed causing a poor gameplay experience or losing out.

But what do you need to do to achieve smoothness in your internet connection? What defines a good internet speed for gaming? That is what we’re here to answer.

We will be covering the required speed for gaming as well as illustrating what you need to do to achieve the right gaming speed at home.

But before that:

Choose A Reliable Internet Provider

When it comes to gaming internet speed, almost everything depends upon your internet connection. If your primary connection isn’t good enough, then no matter how many bunnies you pull out of the hat, nothing’s going to work.

Reliable Internet Provider

Therefore, choosing the right internet provider should be your priority. For that, we recommend Windstream internet because it offers stable connectivity with minimal lags and disruptions. By choosing it, you’ll surely be free from the hassles of slow or disconnecting the internet, enjoying your gaming sessions uninterrupted.

Now that we’ve contemplated the idea of choosing the right internet provider, it’s time to check out what is the best internet speed for gaming:

Best Internet Speed For Intermediate Gaming

When it comes to intermediate gaming, it focuses on gaming sessions conducted at home where users would spend 1-3 hours online. This is something that an average gamer would do and if you’re one of these, then going for a high-end internet connection isn’t necessary for you.

Best Internet Speed

You can enjoy intermediate gaming with a 3-5 Mbps connection, given other connected devices aren’t running anything high-end tasks such as streaming, etc. This connection is good enough to run games without a hassle.

If you want you can still go for a 10 Mbps connection since it’ll make it easier to use other devices without affecting your gaming experience.

Best Internet Speed For Professional Gaming

Professional gaming is defined as something high-end that involves stakes. Tournaments are mostly included in this category and the hosts are responsible for ensuring that the participants receive minimal trouble during the gaming session.

Professional Gaming

When it comes to professional gaming, there is no actual speed that can be defined since a potential tournament needs to run multiple processes alongside. Streaming live, capturing the event, ensuring complete coordination between all resources and so much more; all of this requires fast internet. Otherwise, everything will be a mess.

One can assimilate that professional gaming tournament has at least 100 Mbps internet connection. However, the actual requirement for it would be based on the type of activities and gaming being hosted.

Even if the gamers were playing from different locations, such as occurred during the pandemic, it would need the same amount (mentioned above) to play. This will ensure the proper presentation of the players via live stream, coordination with the gaming servers, and other gaming-related processes.

Best Internet Speed For Gaming And Streaming

Professional game streaming is becoming one of the fastest-growing career choices with so many gamers now turning into professional streamers. Gaming veterans are hosting their streaming channels, showing off their skills, or teaching them to others.

Gaming And Streaming

When it comes to gaming and streaming, you not only need good internet but a solid gaming setup that can handle these processes simultaneously without failing you. Well, that is another topic to discuss but when it comes to gaming and streaming, you need at least 20 Mbps for the purpose.

This speed cannot be taken as a benchmark since the quality of the stream, the type of the game you’re playing, the server you’re communicating with, the number of additional devices, and other such relevant factors are to be taken into consideration as well.

How To Improve Gaming Internet Speed At Home?

When it comes to gaming internet speed, you need to ensure to have the abovementioned speed as per your gaming needs. However, after acquiring a fast internet connection, you need to apply the following practices to get an uplifted speed performance:

Improve Gaming Internet Speed

1. Use Ethernet

The first thing to do is use Ethernet instead of a Wi-Fi router. Although wireless connection will be mitigated, still, you’ll be able to enjoy seamless internet speed without any signal disruption. Moreover, you’ll have a stable connection speed, without lags or any other hassle that you face with a router.

2. Go for a Gaming Router

In case you want wireless connectivity, you should go for a gaming router. A gaming internet router has absolute performance when it comes to offering what we need from an internet connection. From effective coverage to powerful signals and smooth internet connectivity, modern gaming routers provide the benefits of Ethernet to the users.

3. Disconnect Additional Devices

Your gaming internet speed can increase when you disconnect additional devices. Usually, additional devices take up space and consume the internet, disrupting the flow of your primary gaming devices. You can either get a faster internet connection or keep such devices off your network to get better speed.

4. Clear Cache

The cache keeps frequently used processes ready on the go. However, these processes also use your internet connection’s speed, so it is not recommended to keep storing cache for a long time. Therefore, take some time to clear the cache, especially before your gaming sessions. This way you will get better gaming internet speed for sure.

Closing Thoughts

Well, now you know what internet speed is good for gaming as well as the top ways to enhance your gaming internet speed at home. So, acquire a good internet connection before diving into gaming. That way you will surely have a good experience without frustration over lags or disruptions.



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