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Gautam Adani Is Now 4th Richest Person; Overtakes Bill Gates

Adani Group Chief #GautamAdani just became the 4th richest person in the world, overtaking Berkshire Hathway CEO Warren Buffet and tying with Microsoft Co-founder Bill Gates. At this moment, he is also the richest person in Asia, with a global Fortune of $115.5 B, just like Bill Gates.

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Gautam Adani Is Now As Wealthy As Bill Gates – Ranking 4th In The World!!!!

Gautam Adani Is Now As Wealthy Due to the continuous bull run in the Adani Group Companies’ stocks, billionaire #GautamAdani oversteps giants like Mukesh Ambani, Warren Buffet, and even Twitter’s new CEO #ElonMusk.

As per Bloomberg Billionaires Index, his Fortune marks $115.5 billion, tying with Bill Gates. This happened mainly due to a sharp thrust of over $6 billion yesterday alone.

Adani Enters Top 5 Global Rich List

Adani Enters Top 5 Global Rich List Recently, Gautam Adani entered the $100 billion club from Asia after his net worth crossed $100 billion. It’s only Adani and Ambani who were able to step their feet into this list from the largest continent on Earth. He ranked 5th even two days ago, but as soon as his assets soared to $125 billion on 27th April, he secured the 4th position replacing Gates.

Take a look at the Top 10 Global Rich List below….

Rank  Name 
1 Elon Musk
2 Bernault Arnault
3 Jeff Bezos
Now Standing-Off at 4th Position Gautam Adani
5 Bill Gates
6 Larry Ellison
7 Warren Buffet
8 Larry Page
9 Surgey Brin
10 Mukesh Ambani

Adani, The Son India Promises To Eliminate Poverty

Adani, The Son India Promises To Eliminate Poverty In the last India Economic Conclave, Adani claimed something big.

He said, We are around 10,000 days away from year 2050. Over this period, I anticipate we’ll add about USD 25 trillion to our economy. This translates to an addition of USD 2.5 billion to the GDP every day. I also anticipate that over this period, we’ll have eradicated all forms of poverty.

Let’s cross our fingers for the 4th richest person in the world and wish him to rank higher soon. Read Also:

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