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Google Doodle Celebrates 121st Birthday of Dr. Dame Jean Macnamara

Google Doodle Celebrates 121st Birthday of Dr. Dame Jean Macnamara

A few days ago Google Doodle had introduced Ignaz Semmelweis the pioneer of handwashing. Today on April fool’s Day, GoogleDoodle introduced Dr. Dame Jean Macnamara. The doodle on Google, on the 1st of April, has been represented by a visitor craftsman who is Sydney based. He has observed the Australian researcher and Specialist Dr. Dame Jean Macnamara

Today is the 121st birthday of Dr. Dame Jean Macnamara who is known especially for hard work and energetic contribution towards the loss of motions. She treated polio patients, and later in 1955, she resolved to bring out the polio immunization. 

Dame Annie Jean Macnamara was born in Australia in 1899. During her birth, some said, “to be of some utilization on the planet” and therefore she came out to be a strong power in the world. 

Dr. Dame Jean Macnamara worked in a team with Sir Macfarlane Burnet and discovered that there is more than one strain of poliovirus in 1931. This was a vital discovery on the way of finding the solution for the improvement of the strong immunization disease after 25 years of its existence being found. 

She dedicatedly and significantly worked for kids and hence she was given the title of Dame Commander of the Oder of the British Empire in 1935. She also had a contribution to other aspects of her career such as myxomatosis with control bunny plagues. Dr. Dame Jean Macnamara figured out how this could save the lives of the citizens of Australia. 

Amidst all Coronavirus disaster news all across the world, Google Doodle decides to divert the mind of the people on 1st April 2020. After having the handwashing steps in the doodle, the next doodle is of Dr. Dame Jean Macnamara. Hoping that people of the world would be a little less stressed. 

Happy 121st Birthday Dr. Dame Jean Macnamara. 

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