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Google Zipper: All You Need To Know About This Game In 2023!

google zipper

Are you also searching for the popular and entertaining Google Zipper game? Well, you are not the only one!

There’s nothing bigger than Google when it comes to search engines and all the related features the same has been blessed with – from fun interactive games to crazy updates, Google has been running the whole scene for several years now. But if you ask me, Google’s approach to gaming has managed to attract widespread attention.

Talking about engaging Google games and fun updates, I recently came across the Google Zipper game! Have you heard about the same? If you haven’t, don’t worry because I am here to tell you all about the same.

Simply scroll down and find out all that you have to know about the same…

Zipping It Up With The Google Zipper: What Is Google Zipper?

What Is Google Zipper

You know how Google loves honoring people by launching games or doodles on their names? For instance, Google came up with the Google Pepper Game on the occasion of Wilbur Scoville’s 151st birthday, and how the world-famous company came up with the Google Snake game on the occasion of its 19th birthday, as an ode to childhood memories.

So when I came across the Google Zipper, I simply couldn’t keep calm! The moment I landed on the home page of the same, I was pretty confused, considering there was a huge zipper running down across the middle of the page.

In fact, when I clicked on top of the logo, it actually zipped open – and not just that!

The same happened when I started pulling down the zipper on top of the logo – it was something new, fun, and innovative – I kept playing with the zipper for some time before I could understand anything about the game.

But why did Google invest time in designing an interactive zipper on its homepage?

Let’s find out!

Remembering Gideon Sundback: The Man Behind The Zipper!

Gideon Sundback

The whole zipper Google hack came into existence because Google decided to honor Gideon Sundback on his 132nd birthday. If the name Gideon Sundback is not ringing any bell, you will be surprised to know that this Swedish-American engineer (electrical) is responsible for developing the contemporary zipper. 

Sundback did not just create the modern zipper, but he is also known for discovering the manufacturing machine that made these zippers. In 1951, Sundback was given the Gold Award from the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences for his innovative discovery of the modern zipper as well as the manufacturing machine for the same.

Unzipping The Patent-Related Controversy

Yes, Gideon Sundback did discover the first modern zipper out there. Yes, he was also responsible for discovering the first manufacturing machine out there, but unfortunately, he wasn’t the first person to get the patent for the same.

Sundback started working with the Westinghouse Electric Company before accepting an offer from Whitcomb Judson. After becoming the head of design at Universal Fastener, Gideon came up with the Plako Fastener, the first zipper of sorts, when you think about it.

Considering the “bridge” technology, the Plako Fastener became the stepping stone to what eventually became the modern zipper. Unfortunately, however, the patent for the same was not under Gideon’s name.

It was Whitcomb Judson, whose name was on the patent for the Plako Fastener. This is because, during this time, the patent was mostly under the founder’s name.

But Gideon didn’t stop working on his design, and by 1913, he had already come up with the modern version of the zipper. So this time, he did get the patent for the same under the name of the Hookless No. 2.

Playing The Google Zipper Game: How To Play The Google Zipper Game?

Playing The Google Zipper Game

Google is different from most search engines because of all the culture hacks, games, doodles, and even references available for engaging with users. However, the Google zipper hack is no different when you think about the same. All of these fall under a term known as the Easter Eggs – the purpose?

The purpose is to form a bond between the creators of the eggs and the finders of the same. The Google Zipper Game is not very different. Most of these eggs are found in the elgoog – yes, you will find the zipper game on elgoog! Scroll down and find out how to play the zipper game on Google!

  1. Open Google’s home page.
  1. Type out ‘Elgoog’ on Google’s search bar and then select the first option that pops up (click on ‘welcome to elgoog’).
  1. You will come across several eggs, such as the google atari breakout, google Pacman, and the like. The Zipper game is one egg which you will also find here.
  1. Once you find the Google Zipper game, simply click on it, and you will be redirected to the homepage of the game.
  1. So what are you waiting for? Start playing today!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. What Are The 10 Easter Eggs In Google?

The top 10 easter eggs in Google are as follows,

• Pacman,
• Google 1998,
• “What does the fox say?”,
• “Beam me up, Scotty,”
• Six degrees of Kevin Bacon,
• Do a Barrel roll,
• Askew,
• Blink HTML,
• Zerg Rush, and
• Atari Breakout.

2. What Are The 7 Google Tricks?

The 7 Google tricks are as follows,

• Do a Barrel Roll,
• Tilt/Askew,
• Search for answers to mind-bending questions,
Blink HTML,
• Party Like It’s 1998,
• Shake It, and
• Break It.

3. What Are The Best Google Hacks?

The best Google hacks are as follows,

• Googly Eyes,
• Characters from F.R.I.E.N.D.S,
• DVD screensaver,
• Loch Ness Monster,
• Old-fashioned Google,
• Anagram, and
• Diwali.

4. How Do You Get Thanos Snaps On Google?

Users will simply need to look up words such as ‘Thanos,’ ‘’Infinity Gauntlet,’ or even ‘Thanos Glove’ and wait for the results. Once the result page appears, simply click on the picture of the Infinity Gauntlet for activating the ‘hidden’ threat.

And It’s A Wrap!

Now that you have a fair idea about how the Google Zipper game works, you can simply check out the game for yourself. In fact, look for easter eggs on the world’s most popular search engine – it will not only help you kill some time but also provide you the opportunity to connect with creators from all over the world.

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In the meantime, don’t forget to let us know your thoughts and experiences of the same in the comments below. Simply scroll down till you reach the bottom of the page and leave your queries in the box!

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