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[Updated 2023] Googleads.G.Doubleclick.Net – Description, Solution, Facts, FAQs, More

Do you see the popup asking for password and username on your system often? I know you are super worried and want to get rid of it, right. First of all, take a deep breath and sit back;  we are here to help you.

Basically, this is a prompt that you may use anytime on your system. It asks for your password and username which is really frightening to those who are experiencing it for the first time. Have you been ignoring it for so long? Not anymore because today this post will share details of along with ways to solve it. Stay tuned with us!

What Is Googleads.G.Doubleclick.Net?

What Is Googleads.G.Doubleclick.Net

What is

One fine morning, while logging into Gmail, you see a pop up. The scariest part is the popup that asks for your password and username… I am sure you have already experienced such a situation which brings you here. In such a scenario, the very first thing that would come to your mind is, ” is a virus? “

Let me tell you at first that double-click net is itself not a virus. Just like has stopped, denotes the existence of a virus; also acts in the same way. However, as per some exports, seeing this prompt may indicate that an attacker is looking for passwords. But not always, it is a vulnerability; rather it may also be a misconfigured ad server asking for credentials because of .htaccess.

The easiest way to avoid this issue is by pressing the “cancel” button from the pop-up box. However, it will not eradicate the Googleads.G.Doubleclick.Net popup permanently. It may come back again anytime, causing the same trouble.

So what to do? Relax; when there is a problem, there is a solution. Check the following section to learn the solution steps for Doubleclick Net.

How Fatal Is Googleads G Doubleclick Net?

If you do not remove or resolve Googleads G Doubleclick Net timely, it can cause a myriad of problems to your device:

  • Doubleclick Net collects your personal information like login information, bank details, etc., and sells them to third parties. 
  • Your system will become messed up and it may take a longer time to open a webpage.
  • The new toolbars or the unknown programs can get suddenly installed on your computer.
  • Unwanted scam alerts or advertisements will be sent to annoy and make you uneasy
  • The unwanted advertisements will redirect you to potentially harmful websites, thereby infecting your device.

What Can You Do To Solve Googleads.G.Doubleclick.Net?

Now that you have got a decent idea of what is Googleads G Doubleclick Net, it’s time to learn the mitigation plan. I know you are already under a lot of stress after seeing the credentials window but trust me, we can help you the way out of / referral. You have to do the following:

1. Contact The Concerned Team Of Google

Contact Google Team

The easiest and safest idea is to contact the concerned department of Google. As we mentioned earlier, sometimes is a malfunctioned server issue. Hence, informing them at the right time would help them detect and address it. You only have to provide them certain details of yours like URL, UP, date/ time of occurrence, frequency of the popup, etc.

Get in touch with the team at: 

2. Change The Password As Fast As You Can

Change Google Account Password

Use Adblockers like uBlock Origin, Adblock Plus, etch to change the password without further delay. Simply install them and enable them in your system’s browser. Another effective remedy is to enable the two-factor authentication mode on Google Account for future protection.

3. Install AntiVirus And Ensure If They Are In Updated Versions

Install AntiVirus

This is the most vital step not only to prevent your system while Googleads.G.Doubleclick.Net is appearing. But also, antivirus installation saves you from any kind of malware attacks in the future. We recommend you to select one Quickheal internet security, Avast Antivirus, McAfee, as their protection plans are robust. Do you already have one? Then check whether it is updated to the latest version.

Some Additional Information Of Https://Googleads.G.Doubleclick.Net

1. Referrals From Tpc.Googlesyndication.Com Or Googleads.G.Doubleclick.Net

Referral arriving from the Googleads.G.Doubleclick.Net or googlesyndication is actually the ad clicks displaying on the Display Network. On the Google Ads account, if you see it appear on the reports, all you have to do is check 2 aspects. Whether the labeling of its own campaign variables is correct and also auto-tagging is turned on or not. 

2. Is Changing Password Mandatory?

The site on which the Googleads.G.Doubleclick.Net appeared shows a visible basic auth pop-up from the external domain. In this situation, a password change is mandatory as it can be malware, invisible codes of attackers, etc. These may also stay hidden in the cache memory, therefore, extra measure like password change is a wiser choice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q1. What Is Google Ads G Doubleclick Net?

Firstly, Google Ads G Doubleclick Net is not an error code. It comes because of reasonable causes like a potential threat or Google’s server Error.

Q2. Is Google Ads. G.Doubleclick.Net Safe? is not a virus or malware itself but it indicates a vulnerability of your system to viruses or hacking attempts.

Q3. Is Googleads.G.Doubleclick.Net A Google’s Product?

As per the computer experts, it is Google’s product. The registrant organization of is Google.Inc. Furthermore, does not have much positive recognition despite being a Google Subsidiary. 

Q4. How Do I Block Doubleclick Net?

To Block, follow the steps below:

  • Double-tap the “Hosts File
  • Hit On The “Notepad” Icon
  • Click On The “Ok
  • At the beginning of the first blank line bottom of the file, place the cursor
  • Now in the blank line, type – “127.0. 0.1

Q5. Is Securepubads G Doubleclick Net A Virus?

Securepubads G Doubleclick is potentially unwanted software or malware that can damage your system. You shouldn’t consider it as a choice for coupons.

The Closing Thought

That’s all about Yes, it’s not direct harm to your system but might carry potential harmful factors. Several users have reported data loss, data compromise, data theft, etc after ignoring time. So why bear the consequences later when you can root them out right now? Follow the step to uproot the pop-up from appearing repeatedly and enjoy safe navigation.

Did we solve your problem? Do not forget to drop your valuable opinions in the comment area below. Also, feel free to let us know any additional information regarding We can’t wait to get more rich insights.

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