Hantavirus After Coronavirus: Man Dies in China Tested Hantavirus Positive

Centers for Disease Control explained Hantavirus by saying that this family of the dangerous virus is spread out specifically by rodents and can cause varied symptoms in the human body. People all over the world can be infected by Hantavirus, apart from Coronavirus.


CDC has further explained that a particular rodent host of species of rodents spread this virus to people via aerosolized virus which is also commonly known as an airborne virus. They have said that this virus can affect a fresh human through the shed of an infected host through its urine, saliva or feces and could be a direct bite. After Coronavirus, Hantavirus is another deadly disease striking the world. 

CDC – “It is spread by Deer Mouse” 

A Chinese man from Yunnan was tested positive in Hantavirus on Monday and this has caused enough panic among the people of China who have not yet recovered from the deadly Coronavirus causing COVI-19. Wuhan is still standing against Coronavirus and trying to fight that out from China. 

Before we panic, we need to understand that Hantavirus is spread more by rodents, which can show various types of the medical syndrome in people all across the World. There have been past histories about Hantavirus in India.  

In 2008, the Hantavirus struck the Irulas, a group of snake and rat catchers. While in 2016, a young guy died of Hantavirus in Bombay. 

The Govt of Canada’s Public Health Service has confirmed that this virus is quite airborne. One can get infected in this virus by simply inhaling the virus particles from the urine of the rodents or saliva dropping. This can also happen while clearing out rodents from garbage through vacuum or sweeping. 

Hantavirus can also happen by eating or drinking food and any drink if there has been any presence of rodents in the air. After Coronavirus, this virus is likely to Spread Immensely in the air. The last possibility for Hantavirus could be by rat bites which are the rarest case in the world. 

The incubation period and delivering of the virus in human happens from 1st week to the 8th week. The symptoms of Hantavirus include some of the Symptoms of Coronavirus such as, 

Muscle ache, 



The muscle ache includes thighs, backs, hips, and shoulders. Other symptoms include dizziness, vomiting, diarrhea, etc. In the last stage, the infected would figure out symptoms of lungs filling with fluid.   

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