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Amidst Coronavirus Lockdown- Herd of Deer on Coimbatore Roads

Heard of Deer on Coimbatore Roads

Coimbatore: A herd of deer resting and lounging on the roads of Coimbatore has been viral in social media this week. Deer in natural day to day life seemed lost from India, a ray of hope with the outbreak of deers on empty roads. 

Puri Jagannath, a Tamil film producer, and a director posted this picture on Twitter with a caption,

“Hundreds of dolphins playing in marine drive in Mumbai, peacocks playing outside KBR park and deers resting on Coimbatore roads. Pl remember we share this planet with them (sic),”

Following the Coronavirus pandemic, many cities of the world are under lockdown including many parts of India. Animals are now moving out into the open because people are off to the roads.

“Wildlife reclaiming lost space, Ooty road…” was tweeted by Mrinal Pandey on 27th March 2020, she is a chief editor and journalist of Hindi Daily Hindustan. Her tweet got 893 retweets and 4,600 likes and got viral in no time.

Fact Check:

A simple google search by rslonline revealed the claim in the picture that is from Coimbatore can not be completely false. According to the research, the picture is from Nara in Japan and was shared on 22nd July 2014

Later, many users pointed on Mrinal Pandey’s tweet that the photograph is fake. The image claiming that the deer came out onto Coimbatore roads amid coronavirus lockdown, was once shared on Facebook on 28th January in the year 2018.

Nara park is known to be the oldest and largest park in central Nara, Japan. It is home to over 1000 sacred deer. The deers are the symbol of this city and are popular worldwide. This is a rare scenario in India because many animals have extinguished. 

Therefore, the picture is completely false according to the research showing the herd of deer resting on Coimbatore Roads. Scientists and other experts have mentioned that wildlife is yet to come out even more. Coronavirus is locking down humans at home and bringing out animals on road. 


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