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What to Look for in a Hospitality Recruitment Agency

Hospitality Recruitment Agency

What is it that makes hospitality staff so special?

Perhaps it’s their unique ability to make someone’s day. Or maybe it’s how they find creative solutions when a guest needs help. It might be their ability to bring an upbeat atmosphere to any world-class hotel.

Do you have the unique talent to flourish in this type of career? If so, using a recruiter can help you reach the top of your career or secure you that dream job.

Check out this brief guide on what to look for when choosing the best hospitality recruitment agency.

Go for a Specialist Agency

Recruiters tend to fall into either the general or specialist category.

For the best hospitality jobs, you should opt for a recruiter specializing in this sector, as they will better understand what hospitality employers are looking for in their staff recruitment.

They’ll be able to coach you on conducting a successful interview, and they’ll guide you on how to look the part when you meet in person.

First Impressions Count

You’ll likely have a shortlist of agencies. It’s hard to know the best one for you, but there are a few simple ways to identify the best recruiter.

First, see how responsive they are. An agency that makes an effort to return your calls promptly will probably have a similarly strong customer relationship with employers.

Second, ask around. If you know people in the hospitality sector (and you probably do), find out firsthand what your friends and colleagues think of that agency.

Showcase Your Best Qualities

A good recruitment agency needs to know your skill set so they can sell your strengths to the best employers on their books. So when working with an agency, it’s essential to let them know your best qualities.

You’ll need to show exceptional skills in:

  • Communication
  • Customer service
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Adherence to high standards

Get a trusted friend to check your resume to identify any weak spots. Even though a good recruiter will help with your resume, it’s still worth ensuring it shows your experience and strengths in their best light.

Build a Relationship

Most people tend to use a headhunter as a means to an end. They submit their resume, apply for a post, thank the recruiter, and move on.

However, you’re missing out on many long-term career opportunities with that approach.

Instead, find a recruiter that you feel at ease with; it’s a sign that you and the recruiter have a rapport, which helps. Tell the recruiter about your most lofty ambitions, and ask how they can help you reach those goals.

By taking this approach, you’ll demonstrate a willingness and drive to excel in the hospitality industry.

If a top job comes up, that strong relationship means the recruiter will think about your name first when they are looking to fill the most.

Remember, recruiters want to get the best people for the best hospitality jobs, so it’s a two-way relationship.

Find the Perfect Hospitality Recruitment Agency for You

Before landing that dream job, you need to find the right hospitality recruitment agency. One that can help you step up a few extra rungs on that career ladder.

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