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The Best Hotels Close To Grand Central Station

Grand Central Station

New York City and the grand central station are famous for many things, far too many to mention here, but one thing that has always been a draw is the incredible views. From the skyscrapers to any iconic monumental buildings to the amazing green spaces.

Not only that, there are heritage theaters, yellow cabs, and so many things to enjoy in this single place. There is always something to glimpse in NYC. New York is a massive city though, and to see all of these things, you’ll need good transport links. That’s why many visitors like to stay in a Central Station hotel, as this can serve as a hub to get to all these attractions. 

10 Best Hotels Which Are Close To Grand Central Station

If that’s what you’re looking for on your next trip to the city, you’ll certainly have many great hotels to choose from that are close to Grand Central Station. Here are ten for you to think about. 

Source: Instagram, posted on September 17, 2018, Westgate Resort’s official profile. 

1. Westgate New York Grand Central 

A perfectly located hotel. 

The Westgate New York Grand Central is a unique hotel that stands apart from many others in New York. It’s beautiful inside and out, and it offers its guests amazing value for money; there is nothing the staff won’t do for its guests, ensuring that you have the most wonderful time away. 

You can find the most breathtaking views, gorgeous rooms that offer the most modern comforts (including free wifi), as well as plenty of other facilities such as an onsite restaurant, a Starbucks, and a lounge. This is a truly historic Central Station hotel that should be your ideal base for exploring the city and relaxing when you’re done. 

2. The Langham 

Turn-down service included. 

The Langham has one of those names you’re probably familiar with, even if you don’t know why. By the time your stay in New York comes to an end, you’ll remember that name fondly if you choose this Grand Central station hotel to stay in. Each room offers its guests something special, including free water and the use of an espresso maker. There is free wifi and a turn-down service to make you feel even more special – the staff will even do your ironing for you. 

The onsite restaurant has a Michelin star, so you know you’ll be treated well, but there is also plenty of choices right outside the door if you want something different. Or why not grab a snack at Bar Fiori? When you’re so close to the action of New York, you can do whatever you want. 

Source: Instagram, posted on February 23, 2022, Park Terrace Hotel’s official profile.

3. Park Terrace Hotel 

Onsite sauna and spa. 

There is a lot to be said for the Park Terrace Hotel, and when you want a Grand Central Station hotel, this could be the one that ticks all the boxes. After all, you’ll be within walking distance of many different tourist attractions at the Park Terrace, including the New York Public Library, Grand Central Terminal, the Empire State Building, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Bryant Park. Plus, there is no better place to relax than in the hotel’s sauna and spa. 

You can enjoy Netflix on your flatscreen TV while sipping on a luxurious Nespresso coffee in your room itself.  

Source: Instagram, posted on March 16, 2022, Bryant Park Hotel’s official profile. 

4. Bryant Park Hotel 

Opposite Bryant Park. 

There is something rather special about the Bryant Park Hotel. Its location is opposite Bryant Park itself and is close to the New York Public Library, Times Square, and the Empire State Building – making this Grand Central Station hotel worth choosing alone. However, there is more to it than its fabulous location; it’s simply a beautiful place to be. 

Thanks to the handmade Tibetan rugs and hardwood flooring, the rooms will show you that immediately. There are leather accents everywhere, and each room comes complete with a flatscreen TV and Bose CD player. Even before you get to your room, you’ll be impressed with the lobby of the hotel – it’s decorated in black marble with red furniture, making sure it stands out. You’ve got it all with personal trainers in the onsite gym and an Asian fusion restaurant. 

Source: Instagram, posted on August 29, 2021, Kitano New York’s official profile. 

5. The Kitano Hotel New York

Japanese-themed hotel. 

Immerse yourself in a truly unique and modern take on hotel living at the Kitano Hotel. With a Japanese theme throughout, you’ll feel calm and relaxed no matter whether you’re in your room or in the public areas; when you step inside from the hustle and bustle of New York City’s streets, the change will be instant. 

This is a Grand Central Station hotel, being just 550 yards away from the main terminal, and that means you can also see many other sights, such as the Empire State Building. The Kitano offers guests the choice of two onsite restaurants, including a Japanese restaurant and a European/American one. Come evening time, and you’ll find a cocktail bar. 

Source: Instagram, posted on September 16, 2018, Oakwood New York’s official profile.

6. Oakwood Residence Midtown East 

Accommodation with kitchens and dining areas. 

When it comes to finding a good Grand Central Station hotel, you might want to step outside the box once in a while, and when you do that, you’ll find places like the Oakwood Residence Midtown East. Complete with air conditioning, these rooms may not be a traditional hotel, but if you want a great base to explore the city, you’ve got it here. 

You’re so close to so many things, including Grand Central Station, the Empire State Building, and Bryant Park. Plus, don’t forget the onsite fitness center for guests to use as they see fit. 

Each room offers comfortable beds, a kitchen, and a dining area – you’ll even get a coffee maker to start the day off right or relax with after dinner. 

Source: Instagram, posted on February 10, 2020, Hotel Nyma’s official profile. 

7. Hotel Nyma 

Enjoy the rooftop bar. 

When you’re so close to everything that’s happening in New York City, you’ll know you’ve made the right choice, and Hotel Nyma is certainly close to everything that’s happening. You’re only 200 yards from the Empire State Building, and as a Grand Central Station hotel, you can walk to the main terminal. 

You can also easily get to Times Square, the Rockefeller Center, and much more. You can reach places easily, but you can see them too. Thanks to the rooftop bar and coffee shop, Cloud Social, you can see a lot. 

If you prefer something inside, the lounge offers free hot beverages all day. With a 24-hour fitness center and flatscreen TVs in all the rooms, you’ll soon see the Hotel Nyma is the ideal base for your Big Apple adventures. 

Source: Instagram, posted on November 2, 2020, Room Mate Grace Hotel’s official profile.

 8. Room Mate Grace Hotel 

A New York hotel with a swimming pool. 

What is the most exciting, iconic area of New York? What comes to mind when you think of the city’s bright lights that never sleep? For a lot of people, the picture they see is of Times Square, and since the Room Mate Grace Hotel is just a few seconds away from that place, you might just find that it’s the ideal Grand Central Station hotel to choose. 

On top of its amazing location close to the hustle and bustle of New York’s exciting streets, there is an indoor pool, so once you have finished having adventures outside, you can come inside and swim away to your heart’s content – there is even a swim-up bar.

 There is also a gym and a sauna. Free wifi is available in all areas of the hotel, and you can enjoy a continental breakfast every day of your stay. 

Source: Instagram, posted on February 18, 2022, Pestana Park Avenue’s official profile. 

9. Pestana Park Avenue 

Ideally located. 

There are so many things to see and do when you’re in New York that it makes a lot of sense to choose a Grand Central Station hotel – in that way, you’ll either be close enough to walk to most of the main exciting activities, or you’ll be close to public transport, giving you all the options you could ask for. 

For example, if you want to visit the Empire State Building, Bryant Park, the Chrysler Building, Times Square, or St Patrick’s Cathedral, these places – and many others – are all close to Pestana Park Avenue

The rooms are modern and attractive and offer a plethora of guest facilities such as coffee markers, flatscreen TVs, and air conditioning – some also have balconies. 

Source: Instagram, posted on March 22, 2022, Westin Grand Central’s official profile. 

10. Westin Grand Central 

A fantastic Manhattan location. 

Could you be any closer to Grand Central Station? The Westin Grand Central is just 200 yards away, making it a true Grand Central Station hotel for those who want to find the optimum location in Manhattan. 

Why is this such a great location? From here, you can go anywhere – you could even leave the city for the day and go exploring further afield. Of course, make sure you leave enough time to see the nearby sights, which in this case include the United Nations, the Chrysler Building, and Times Square, among many other places. 

The hotel is ideal for travelers as it has its own onsite bar and snack restaurant where you can grab a quick breakfast on the go. Each room has a flatscreen TV and free toiletries, and there is a fitness suite. 


All of these ten holes are near Grand Central Station. So where are you planning to stay? Share your travel planning with us. All of these hotels are not only a single place of living. These are the signs of a rich past and a prestigious past.

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