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How Did Squidward Die? Mystery Revealed: Squidward’s Suicide

When we were kids, Squidward from Spongebob Squarepants seemed such a negative nelly. Always scolding the fun-loving Spongebob and Patrick. But as we grew up, he seemed like the most relatable character out of all. But how does Squidward die?

What about his death that made him trending on TikTok? How did Squidward die? Who killed Squidward?

To get to the bottom of this Bikini Bottom death, keep on scrolling.

Spongebob SquarePants Show

Spongebob SquarePants Show

The show Spongebob is portrayed as a very lighthearted show with sea creatures living a normal life like us. But underlying the lighthearted comedy, the show tells us are actual real-life issues and other conspiracy theories.

While most people relate themselves to the fun-loving, always-happy Spongebob. On the other hand, most of us relate to the negative Squidward, who is a human-like character with flaws and expectations. But seeing the trend “how did Squidward die” and the reason behind it shocked me to my core.

I mean, if we meet someone like Spongebob, we would also react like Squidward. Even Singer Pharrell Williams, being a fan of the show, said, “Squidward is my favorite, though. If he was a human, I would hang out with him.”

Even a staff writer of the show, Cassey Alexander, said, “Squidward is the character I relate to the most. In an exaggerated way, he’s the most human character. If I knew a human-like Spongebob, I probably would react to him like Squidward does.”

How Did Squidward Die In Spongebob?

How Did Squidward Die In Spongebob

Squidward aspires to become a famous clarinet player and wants a life of a celebrity with wealth and a luxury lifestyle. But all he gets is a boring unfulfilling job as a cashier at the Krusty Krabs.

He also lives in a state of self-pity and misery, mainly because of having Spongebob as a neighbour, who is always happy, unlike him. Overall, Squidward is a sad character, most the most practical and human-like of all.

But how did the Tik Tok trend of people reacting after searching “how did Squidward die?” on Google start?

Some of the reactions were funny, but most of the reactions were of people being horrified. For a recent trend on Tik Tok, the creators were asked to search for a question on Google and record their reactions before and after knowing the answer.

The question they had to react to was, “How Did Squidward Die?”

The result of that search was a deleted scene from season 4 of the series titled “Squidward’s Suicide.” Here it showed Squidward killing himself by shoving a shotgun in his mouth.

Isn’t this a kid’s show!!

“How Did Squidward Die” Squidward’s Suicide

Squidward’s Suicide

Everything started with the creepy website, Creepypasta, where they distributed the horrific story all over the internet. They are a paranormal-based website designed specially to scare its viewers.

The episode was to be a premiere for season 4; the episode showed our negative nelly Squidward committing suicide with a shotgun in his mouth. 

The episode, which was later deleted, was told by an intern in Nickelodeon of the production team. The footage was shown to the editors and animators, but as the episode progressed, the horrific violence shown scared the makers. The episode was not given the green signal to be released.

Origin Of The Clip!

Origin Of The Clip Squidward suicide

The story of this deleted episode was posted by a user who preferred to be anonymous as 7chan /x/paranormal forum.

Here the user describes how he was an intern for Nickelodeon, and a few of them were asked to watch an episode named ”Fear of the Krabby Patty.”

But when they started watching, the episode title read, “Squidward’s suicide.” They thought this horrific episode was a joke by the animation team, so they decided to watch it.

You can see for yourself on Youtube why I am saying this episode is horrifying and morbid at the same time, not fit for kids. From this horrifying clip, the trend on Tik Tok began with “ how did Squidward die? ”.

The episode uploaded on YouTube is a copy of the original shown to the interns on Nickelodeon.

The episode starts with Squidward trying to play his clarinet very badly. But is constantly disturbed by Patrick and Spongebob, who is playing and laughing outside. Squidward shouts at them to stop as he is practicing for a concert.

At the concert, everything went wrong, and the audience booed him off stage for his horrible performance. The audience, including Spongebob and Patrick, have red eyes as fish normally do.

Then the camera cuts to Squidward shown sitting on his bed, sobbing with embarrassment with his head down. It was weird that the sound of crying was more like an actual human than Squidward.

The camera cuts again to show Squidward facing the camera, with the same red eyes as the audience. With blood dripping through it and the crying sound intensifies in the background. After the crying ends, a deep mysterious voice in the background says, “Do it!”

This was when Squidward was shown holding a shotgun inside his mouth. Within seconds, he fires a shot. The camera shows the bloody remains of Squidward lying on the bed before the episode ends. Squidward suicide is something we didn’t expect.

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Facts / Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy Theories for squidward's suicide

There were a lot of things that came out after the episode surfaced showing how did Squidward die but whether they are fact or fiction is for you to judge. 

  • Apparently, the episode had certain images of children being tortured and murdered. However, the images are pasted in between scenes, which are of short duration. 
  • However, the suspect behind those murders was never found, and the children were also never identified. It is also believed that the suspect is responsible for making this episode.
  • The main creator of the episode was also never identified.
  • There have been several attempts taken to find out the actual episode, but it was of no use.
  • Some of the fans of the show have remastered the clip as described to show how horrifying it was.

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Top Best Alternative TV Shows Of Spongebob SquarePants:

After researching the facts, I have found the best alternative TV cartoon shows of SpongeBob SquarePants. Above all, you must check out these comedy toons by yourself. I suggest you watch these recommendations. Below, I will discuss the best alternative TV cartoon shows of SpongeBob SquarePants.   

1) Chowder

Chowder is like SpongeBob because he primarily works in the kitchen while she cooks some foods. He also sometimes needs to improve his dishes. Above all, Mung is supposed to be the master chef who instructs him. Therefore, Mung himself is Mr. Eugene Krabs, the author of the entire series of Chowder. 

Aside from that, this TV show has some live segmentations and several other transitional cards with some random puppets.

In this case, SpongeBob was also shown as the puppet. Gazpacho, the mammoth or mastodon, which usually works at the bazaar stab, is no longer like Bubs from Homestar Runner. However, this is not like SpongeBob. But both these TV shows have adventures and some simple plots which you must follow.

2) Homestar Runner

Did you know that Homestar Runner is all about the world of several other abstract characters? In this case, Homestar is an athlete with a speech impediment and a bitter relationship with his girlfriend, Marzipan.

On the other side, he also checks emails and answers people’s questions about what he would look like as an anime character and how to make an old education hygiene film that is less tacky.

The Flash Player cartoon was the website, but you could watch such episodes, including vital bad emails, on YouTube recently. Above all, this has a fictional world, which they do for self-parodies, pop culture, and surreal humor references of the 80s, 90s, and 2000s.

3) Rocko’s Modern Life

Another alternative TV cartoon show of SpongeBob SquarePants is Rocko’s Modern Life. Rocko is one of them. This TV show follows an Australian immigrant who has a wallaby, and his name is Rocko. After all, he has also faced multiple issues living in America and other urban towns. 

But Rocko’s Modern Life is unlike SpongeBob, who has a comic book as a shop clerk. Other fun facts: Tom Kenny is SpongeBob’s voice actor and plays Heffer’s voice. There are several series created by Stephen Hillensberg, who also created SpongeBob.

4) Camp Lazlo

Another cartoon network show that was released in the mid-2000s is Camp Lazlo. This TV cartoon is about an anthropomorphic monkey who attends a camp with several other anthropomorphic animals that the self-centered moose runs. This happens under the name of Scoutmaster Lumps.

5) Ed, Edd n Eddy

Another one of the most popular TV cartoon TV shows and the best alternative to SpongeBob is Ed, Edd, and Eddy. Above all, this cartoon heeds the lives of a trio of preteen fellows with the same names. In this case, they do live in a neighborhood where kids can play with each other and bully each other.

Any SpongeBob resemblances Ed is unintelligent, just like Patrick, which is in the way. Aside from that, his voice has also been surrounded similarly. They, yet again, have some basic plots that a cartoonist must follow.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Well, that was a horrifying journey we took together; if you have any other questions, then here are some people asked.

1. Is Squidward An Octopus Or A Squid?

Despite the squid in his name, Squidward in the show, Spongebob SquarePants is not a squid. He’s actually an octopus. The creators only chose the name Squidward as it sounded funny.

2. How Old Is Squidward?

Squidward is a 43 years old octopus, which is very mature and an artiste who loves to paint and play instruments. His favourite instrument is the clarinet.

3. What Is Squidward’s Full Name?

Squidward’s full name is Squidward Q. Tentacles. He’s a fictional character in the world of Spongebob SquarePants, created by marine biologist Stephen Hillenburg.

Wrapping Up!

Now that you are caught up with the answer to “how did Squidward die?” I hope you will be able to sleep tonight with that horrifying image inside your head.

But it is shocking how these kids’ shows depict real-life consequences of depression and mental health in them. When we were kids, we wouldn’t have understood the meaning behind every scene, but now as adults, they are eye-opening.

Tell us what you think about this deleted episode of your beloved tv show, Spongebob SquarePants.

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