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How To Find The Shoe Brand Thats Right For You

When it comes to your wardrobe, are you putting your best foot forward?

Whether you’re a shoe fanatic or you’ve been sporting the same pair of Converse for years, what you wear on your feet matters! The right shoes can pull your entire look together and help you appear more fashion-forward.

The only issue? There are an unlimited number of brands out there, and it can be challenging to narrow them down. If you’re experiencing a little analysis paralysis, we’ve got you covered.

Today, we’re sharing how to choose the shoe brand that’s just right for you and represents your personal style!

Consider Your Everyday Style

Sure, a great pair of stilettos or stately cowboy boots are great for a night out every once in a while. However, when you’re trying to find your personal shoe style, think about what you’re most likely to wear on an everyday basis.

If you hit the gym every day or you love to run, then it’s worth your time and money to invest in a pair of new sneakers that will help you achieve all of your athletic goals. Brands like Nike, Adidas, and New Balance are all great picks. Periodically, brands like these will release new collections featuring updated features meant to help you jump higher, sprint faster, or simply run errands in comfort.

For example, you can shop this collection if you’re looking for a great pair of basketball shoes loved by sports enthusiasts around the world. The Nike Dunk Highs feature an iconic high-top style, influenced by the courtside style in the eighties. They’re durable and rugged enough to hold up anywhere you take them, but can also look polished.

Research Brand Mission

Do you prefer to shop from brands that support causes and missions that align with your interests? If so, then you may want to do a little research and due diligence before you buy a pair of new shoes. Make a list of between five and 10 brands that you’re interested in exploring, and then click around their websites.

Most companies will have an “About Us” page that describes how the brand was formed, what they believe, and even the different organizations they support. In some cases, brands will give back a portion of their process to help further a cause that’s close to their heart.

Not every brand will be philanthropic, but if you’re curious about how they make their shoes, where the materials are sourced, or other eco-conscious topics, then dig a little deeper. You can even reach out to the listed point of contact if you can’t find immediate answers to your questions.

Read Reviews

Did you know that 84% of people now trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations from friends and family members? There’s a reason why this is the case. People love to hop online and share their opinions about nearly everything, from local restaurants and businesses to fashion brands and more.

If you want to buy sneakers or formal shoes but you’re not sure where to start, visit a few shoe sites and read what others are saying about the pairs that catch your eye. Pay attention to details that describe the following characteristics:

  • If the shoes fit true to size
  • If the shoes hold up over time
  • If the shoes are comfortable
  • If the customer support team is responsive

While reviews and testimonials are a great way to learn more about a shoe brand, keep in mind that each person’s experience is unique. Still, this is a smart way to gauge how the shoes may fit and look on your feet.

Think About Your Feet Features

Do you have very narrow or very wide feet? Is one foot a little bigger than the other?

If so, you should feel comfortable embracing those quirks! We’re all different, and we each have special features that make us who we are! You’ll just need to think about those special features when you’re shoe shopping.

If your feet have unique sizing considerations, then you may need to buy from a brand that can accommodate those needs. Today, most companies offer a range of different sizes, including narrow and wide-fitting options, so everyone can find a pair they love. If you don’t see the size or style you need, you can always reach out to an associate.

Stick With Your Personal Aesthetic

As you look in the store or online for your new favorite pair of shoes, it can be tempting to follow the crowd and go with what the media tells you is in style. While there’s nothing wrong with embracing a new look or trying on something just to see how it looks, keep your personal aesthetic in mind while you shop.

If you’re a punk rocker, then you might not feel like yourself in a pair of dainty ballet flats. If you prefer wedges and heels, then a chunky pair of sneakers may not appeal to you. Resist the urge to go with what’s advertised and shop with your heart instead!

When you pick a pair that speaks to you, then you’ll be much more likely to reach for them once they’re in your closet. This way, you can make sure the return is as high as possible on your shoe investment.

Find The Right Shoe Brand For You

From the tip of your head to your pinkie toe, you’re 100% unique. You deserve to wear shoes that help you embrace and showcase your personal style.

If you’re looking for a new shoe brand, remember to do your homework, first. Check to see what the brand represents, and the mission it supports. Then, make sure they have styles and sizes that fit your needs.

Finally, remember to be yourself! Embrace shoes that bring out your special features and enhance your confidence.

Looking for more tips to help you look your best? Be sure to check out our Fashion section!

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