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How To Improve Your Essay Sentence Variety For Good Grades

Essay Sentence Variety

A competent writer uses a variety of sentences. It makes the writing more engaging and lively while also assisting you in making your argument. However, once you start writing, don’t go back and edit your sentences. When you revise the document, you can ensure variety in the sentences. When you pay someone to write my paper, hire a professional who uses a variety of sentences in his writing.

Here are some suggestions for increasing sentence variety.

Determine The Issue

You must first determine whether your sentences require additional diversity. The issue can be found in a number of ways.

  • Attempt to begin each sentence on a separate line. In this manner, you can quickly compare their lengths and openings.
  • Make a three-column table if you’re writing with a pen and paper. Count the words, make a mental note of the prepositional phrases, and take note of the sentence structure. By looking at the table row by row, you can see the range of sentences in your paper.
  • Use free internet resources for writers, such as Readable. This software will highlight the longest sentences and words for you to examine, but you won’t get the whole picture. Other characteristics can be used to enhance your writing even more.

Modify The Rhythm

Modify The Rhythm

When you need to make a point, short sentences are excellent. However, if you wrote the entire essay in a few phrases, it would appear disjointed, hasty, and choppy. A professional paper writer understands this concept and applies it in every piece of writing.

When you use long sentences, you can create complex linkages between occurrences. They dominate your writing and have an elegant appearance. The reader could become frustrated and lose the train of thought if you start meandering, though.

The general rule is to vary the length of the sentences so that no three consecutive long or short sentences exceed that length. To give your essay a beautiful flow, try modifying it in accordance with this rule.

Long sentences should be broken up into two or more sections, although small phrases can be integrated into one, although this seems obvious. Use the following to combine a few short statements into one:

-ing suffixes

He was late to church. He missed the ride.

Missing the ride, he was late to church.

-ed suffixes

Professional soccer players played a charity match. It ended great.

Played by professional soccer players, it ended great.

To +infinitive

We needed to get to the mall on time. We used a rented car.

To get to the mall on time, we used a rented car.

Relative clauses

Gamy will help us weed the garden this summer. He is a gardener.

Gamy, who is a gardener, will help us weed the garden this summer.


Asher doesn’t have much time. She is a stay-at-home mom.

A stay-at-home mom, Asher doesn’t have much time.

Combining Different Sentence Types

Before adding any questions or exclamations to the tedious declarative sentences in your work, take a look at it. A well-worded rhetorical question can draw people’s attention to your point and make them want to keep reading to find out the answers. When you pay for an essay, ensure that the writer follows this concept. You can check their samples to see if they use different sentence types in their writing.

To make the paper more interesting, you should also mix up the sentence structures. I’ll quickly review the several sorts you can employ here:

  • There is only one independent clause in a simple sentence.
  • A compound sentence is one that comprises two or more independent clauses but none dependent on the other.
  • One independent clause and one or more dependent clauses make up a complex sentence.
  • Two or more independent clauses and one or more dependent clauses make up a compound-complex sentence.

Keep in mind the rhythm of the writing as you change the sentence structure and type, since you’ll notice that their length changes as well.

Different Sentence Beginnings

Different Sentence Beginnings

Your elementary school teachers taught you that employing a subject-verb-object pattern is the best method to write sentences, If you misuse this strategy, though, you can discover that all of your sentences begin with “I,” “There is,” or “It was.” The text consequently becomes monotonous and predictable.

Keep track of the beginnings of the sentences and replace any phrases that are used a lot to make the situation better. Keep in mind that you might begin the phrase with:

An adverb. This will change the sentence’s cadence and emphasize the adverb. Typically, a comma comes after the sentence’s opening modifier.

We didn’t expect him to storm out of the room in a huff.

Unexpectedly, he stormed out of the room in a huff.

A phrase with a preposition. It’s not always practical to move the prepositional phrase to the beginning of the sentence, but doing so quickens the writing and shifts the emphasis from the subject to the object.

The bonfires were blazing across the battlefield.

Across the battlefield, the bonfires were blazing.

A verb. When a verb comes before the subject, the subject becomes the main idea of the phrase.

The resume is enclosed with the email.

Enclosed with the email is the resume.

By making your sentences more varied, you can finally get the “A” you’ve been trying to get since the beginning of the semester.

While editing your papers, keep in mind that you should experiment with sentence style, openings, and length. Or you can ask our qualified editors to handle this task on your behalf. You can get the paper online and receive a top-notch essay without breaking a sweat because our authors are aware of these strategies as well.

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