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How to try before you buy online

How to try before you buy online

The big problem with shopping on the internet is that you often don’t get to see the products before you buy them. You can’t simply try on a shirt like you would in a traditional store. Luckily the concept of trying before you buy isn’t exclusive to clothing or just physical shops. There are some ways that you can try before you buy online, and here are three of them.

1. Free Samples

One of the best ways to try something before you buy is to simply find a way of getting a free sample before you have to pay for the goods or service. Luckily, there are lots of brands willing to give you a free sample of their product to try and persuade you to spend money with them instead of one of their rivals. For example, when it comes to online casino games, there are so many different versions of the same game available to play on different websites. If you’re struggling to decide which is the best website to play your favorite game on, find a website that provides no deposit casino bonus codes so you can try the games before having to deposit a single penny.

It’s not just online casino games that offer free samples. Many DIY stores will even offer you samples of certain materials before you commit to buying large quantities. For example, most companies will happily send you an A4-sized piece of wallpaper to check the quality of the print and whether the color will go with other paints and furniture before you commit to buying several rolls of the product.

2. Free Trials

As well as giving you free products, many services will also offer you a free trial to try and persuade you to sign up for their service. For example, Amazon Prime will allow you to trial their service for 28 days before having to pay a single penny. Not only does this give you free next-day delivery on lots of different products, but it also gives you access to their streaming software which has lots of different films and TV shows on offer. Just remember to cancel your trial before the 28 days are up if you decide you don’t want to pay for the service.

3. Find a Free Version Before Paying For The Real Deal

While a lot of software, like web browsers and even games, is free to download from the internet, you’ll often have to pay for some of the best and most powerful software if you want to download it to your computer. This can be a big commitment, as you’ll often have no way of trying the software until you’ve downloaded it onto your computer. If you’re considering paying for a new piece of software, look to see whether they have a free version of that software before committing to paying for the full software. For example, many movie editors will offer you a free version of their basic software but ask you to pay to unlock some of the more advanced features. This is a great way of checking whether you’re happy with the basic functionality of the software before paying for it.

These three ways to try before you buy on the internet are making the concept of spending more time online a lot more appealing, so if you are looking to shop or spend time online, see if you can take advantage of these above concepts.

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