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ICMR Clarifies All Doubt on Hydroxychloroquine

ICMR Clarifies All Doubt on Hydroxychloroquine

ICMR Clarifies All Doubt on Hydroxychloroquine

A clarification on the study of Hydroxychloroquine has been explained by ICMR or the Indian Council of Medical Research. They have evaluated and tested the prophylactic efficacy of Hydroxychloroquine against the COVID-19. But this clarification has only dug a little more inside the whole,  as it is not really clear if the ICMR could actually clarify anything or not. 

The Chief of the epidemiology in ICMR, Raman Gangakhedkar reportedly mentioned the clarification about Hydroxychloroquine. In a press conference on Saturday, he mentioned the observational study that he was talking about in the past few days is now about to be conducted for 8 weeks more and it has been conducted on 480 patients. He also mentioned on behalf of ICMR that is was not a clinical trial because there was not enough evidence or facility to conduct such trial. 

But many have established that all the reasons that Gangakhedkar is putting out about Hydroxychloroquine are contradicting what he had mentioned in a press conference on 1st April. On the press conference of 1st April, he had said that the Hydroxychloroquine is being given to all healthcare workers for experiment purpose. He also said that act is considered as “demonstration study” but on Sunday whatever he said seems to have not been started yet. 

Some have also raised the question that why did ICMR choose to conduct an observational study and why not a randomized controlled trial or RCT. While only the Indian government is the only government in the entire world where the scientific agency of the government has permitted the use of Hydroxychloroquine as prophylaxis. The ICMR head also mentioned that after the teste is conducted, it would become possible to decide if this medicine can actually be used for the COVID-19. 

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*the piece of this news has been taken from the WIRE with exact facts and figures but not copied content. 

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