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New Year Resolution: Why You Must Include Buying Crypto

Buying Crypto

2022 has landed with a bang, and people are still crafting or fine-tuning the resolutions they want to fulfill over the next 12 months. So, what items have you included in your targets? Well, no matter what your preference is, there is one item that you should have not just in this New Year resolution but all coming years: buying crypto coins.

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain have become the new norm of society because of their potential. One example that is usually cited in many cases is that of Bitcoin, the first crypto coin and blockchain. When it was released in 2009, the value of one BTC was less than one USD.

As of January 2022, the value had shot up to about US$40,000. If you bought 1000 coins in 2009, you would have raked millions of USD in return. This is only one of the reasons why buying cryptos should be part of your New Year’s resolution. Keep reading as we reveal other major reasons.

Cryptocurrencies: A Brief Concept

Cryptocurrencies: A Brief Concept


If you are completely new to the blockchain niche, you might be wondering, “What exactly is a crypto coin?” This is a form of digital currency that only resides in the respective blockchain network. The coins are protected using advanced cryptography, which helps to prevent counterfeiting. Remember that although the term coin is used to express these cryptos, they are never minted or printed like fiat currencies.

When you purchase a crypto coin, what you receive is a string of codes that indicate ownership. This is the code you use when sending the coins to run other crypto-related transactions. Again, you will need a crypto wallet to store the coins and make the process of transferring them or receiving others easy. Indeed, you need to acquire a wallet before buying the cryptos. Visit to learn more about crypto and storing your coins safely.

Why You Should Make Buying Crypto Coins at One of Your Resolutions

Why You Should Make Buying Crypto Coins at One of Your Resolutions

There are a number of reasons why you should go for crypto coins, and we are going to highlight the common ones.

You Stand Chances of Reaping Huge Returns If the Price of Crypto Coins Increase

When the crypto coins were introduced in 2009, few were interested in them because the available information was limited. Indeed, even governments and central banks discouraged people because they considered them too risky.

Now, things are changing and top businesses, banks, and governments are in a rush to join and reap the associated benefits. This heightened demand means that the price of crypto coins will go up steadily. This is why you need to buy some coins and have them in your corner.

One of the coins you might want to consider is ETH, the native crypto of the Ethereum blockchain. The growing interest in the coin, innovative products, and a highly aggressive development team are making ETH to be considered as the coin of the future. Indeed, most crypto experts have indicated that it is only a matter of time before the price of ETH surpasses that of Bitcoin.

Crypto Coins Offer You the Opportunity to Make Passive Income

For most people, any chance of making some passive income is welcome. The revenue can be used to meet personal expenses, fund holidays in summer, buy more cryptos, or grow the savings account. With crypto coins, you have the best opportunity to rake in some good passive income.

One of the simple yet highly effective methods of making passive income is staking. When you buy coins, such as Cardano or Ethereum, which are based on proof of stake (POS) blockchains, you can stake them and get some passive returns.

All that you need to do is commit the coins to the respective blockchain network for a period of time to help confirm transactions. In return, you are rewarded with some part of the fee paid by the blockchain users. Because you are not selling your coins, they will be returned to your wallet by the end of the staking period.

You can Use the Coins to Protect Your Assets

Have you ever thought of how safe your money is when saved in a bank? Although you have done a lot to get the cash, it can easily become a target through legal battles. For example, getting involved in an accident can easily drag you to court, forcing you to use a lot of money in legal fees. The funds in the bank account could even be frozen, making it unavailable for personal use.

One of the solutions to avoid becoming a target or your funds getting frozen is using crypto coins. Because blockchains are decentralized, there is no central authority, and even court orders cannot be used to freeze your funds. Using cryptocurrencies helps to make your funds confidential so that no one can know how much you own or the network you have joined.

This article has highlighted only a few benefits to anticipate from buying crypto coins. Indeed, there are so many more benefits to anticipate. Remember to ensure you only buy high-potential cryptos and store them safely. offers you the best opportunity for you to send, save, earn, and convert cryptos with ease.

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