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Is Animesuge Legit? – Top 10 Alternatives Of Animesuge


What’s up, Otakus. Are you catching up with My Hero Academia Season 6?  Tell us in the comment if you have watched Chainsaw Man. Anyways, I would love to talk about Otaku stuff; but I think we should talk about AnimeSuge.

Well, there is nothing wrong with the platform (YET). However, it does not hurt to know about a few alternatives, right? I can sense you nodding. So, I have prepared a list of AnimeSuge alternatives so that you can watch anime for free.

Is Animesuge Safe?

Is Animesuge Safe

YES! Animesuge is a relatively safe platform for streaming anime. It prioritizes user security by employing stringent security measures. Animesuge strives to provide a secure streaming experience for anime enthusiasts.

While it may not be entirely risk-free, the platform’s commitment to safety measures, user reviews, and legal compliance make it a comparatively secure choice for streaming. Users can further enhance their safety by employing ad blockers and exercising caution when clicking on external links.

1. Secure Browsing: Animesuge ensures a secure browsing experience. Its website is equipped with SSL encryption, guaranteeing that your personal information remains confidential.

2. No Malware: This platform is vigilant against malware and malicious ads. It continually scans its content to detect and remove potentially harmful elements, providing a safe environment for users.

3. User Reviews: Animesuge incorporates user reviews, allowing the community to highlight any issues. This promotes transparency and user-driven quality control.

4. Verified Sources: The platform diligently verifies the sources of its content to avoid copyright infringements. This means you’re less likely to encounter pirated material.

5. Ad Blockers: While Animesuge has ads to sustain its operations, users can employ ad blockers for an ad-free experience, reducing exposure to potential ad-related threats.

6. Community Policing: An active community on Animesuge reports issues, fostering a sense of collective responsibility for safety.

7. Legal Standing: Animesuge maintains a legal standing by adhering to copyright laws and DMCA takedown requests.

8. Popularity and Reputation: With a large user base and a positive reputation, Animesuge is motivated to uphold its safety standards.

Top 10 Alternatives Of Animesuge

So, without any FILLERS, Let’s get down to the free platforms for free anime. Here are some of the best alternatives to Animesuge:

1. GoGoAnime

AnimeSuge or no AnimeSuge, GoGoanime is a top pick for many otakus. You can find almost all types of anime here— comedy, a slice of life, shounen, horror, thrillers, and more. The site is good for both cartoon lovers and anime lovers. Also, the video quality is of top-notch. You can both download and stream. Most importantly, it is free.

What to expect–

  • Nice user interface.
  • Simple to use. 
  • Massive library of cartoons and anime. 
  • Both dubbed and subbed videos are available. 

2. KissAnime

Did AnimeSuge shut down? Well, it is possible for these websites to sometimes act strange. Sometimes they don’t open. That is when alternatives come in handy. Have you ever heard of Kissanime? Who am I asking? – you probably have been there all along. Kissanime is one of the best places for otakus to hang out. The website is pretty responsive and has tons of anime.

What to expect –

  • Neat and clean interface.
  • Mobile friendly.
  • Dubbed and subbed anime are available. 

3. Animeseason

What does an anime fan need? High streaming quality, a massive catalog of anime, and some snacks. But if AnimeSuge is down, then where should you go? Well, the answer is anime season. This site has all the previous qualities I talked about.

What to expect –

  • Fresh and updated anime.
  • Great streaming quality.
  • Dubbed anime movies and series.
  • Carefully designed interface.

4. Animedao


Animedao is probably one of those AnimeSuge alternatives that have the best search engine. Their algorithm matches all types of search phrases you have in mind. The search filter is amazing. Also, you can find different types of anime here. It is also popular among anime fans. 

What to expect –

  • Great video quality.
  • Good search engine.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Ads might bother you a little.

5. 9Anime

Be it a cult classic like Cowboy Bebop or The Great Teacher Onizuka, the search engine of 9anime brings all the different titles before you. It is one of the best AnimeSuge alternatives available out there. You can use your smartphone or tablet to watch whatever anime your heart desires.

What to expect –

  • Latest released anime. 
  • A safe platform for free streaming. 
  • Stream on your phone or tablet.
  • No pop-ups or ads will bother you.

6. CartoonON

If you love a good interface and High-quality anime, then, CartoonON can be the website you were looking for. Yes, it is hard to adjust to a new platform after using one for months or years. But the huge list of titles, great video quality, and clean interface of CartoonOn will not disappoint you. It is one of the best AnimeSuge alternatives. 

What to expect –

  • Watch major anime series. 
  • Use a PC and smartphone for streaming.
  • Clean interface.
  • HD video quality. 


You might be thinking what kind of anime website is this? Well, if you love watching your anime in English, then this can be the AnimeSuge alternative you were looking for. The video quality is 1080p. Also, you can watch anime with subtitles.

What to expect –

  • Both anime movies and series are available.
  • Watch anime with subtitles. 
  • Great video quality. 

8. Anime Toon

This platform has a massive database of great anime. Yes, you can watch all the latest anime episodes and old ones. Starting from Naruto to Death Note, you can watch popular anime series on this AnimeSuge alternative platform.

What to expect –

  • Accessible from all locations.
  • Extensive database.
  • Free anime.
  • Simple-to-use interface.

9. JustDubs


Just as the name suggests, Justdubs is a great platform for watching anime for free. Yes, English-dubbed anime lovers will love to use this AnimeSuge alternative.

  • Easy to use.
  • Clean interface.
  • English dubbed anime is available.
  • Offers a smooth experience through an ad-free website.

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10. Anime Kaizoku

If you want to watch the latest Bleach Thousand Year Blood or the latest episodes of Overlord, Anime Kaizoku is the place to go. It is one of the best alternatives to the popular AnimeSuge. Are you wondering and thinking, “is AnimeSuge legal?” It is better to switch to a new platform than stay on one you have doubts about.

What to expect –

  • Latest anime releases.
  • Multi-genre anime site.
  • Ad-free anime platform.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

I think the websites mentioned in this article were helpful. However, if you need any further help, the following questions and answers might be helpful.

1. What Website Is Like 9anime?

Ans: There are many free websites like 9ANime. Here are some examples –

‣ GoGoAnime
‣ KissAnime
‣ AnimeDao
‣ AnimeToon
‣ Anime Kaizoku

2. Is 9anime Safe In India?

Ans: Most of the anime websites available run ads. Also, these websites may also contain malware and viruses that could affect your devices. So, if you want to keep your devices safe, using an anti-virus and a VPN would be very helpful. Such websites include 9anime and many similar others. So stay safe.

3. What Is The Safest Anime App?

Ans: The safest anime websites are always the paid ones. However, there is only a handful of free and safe anime websites. For example, you can check this list –

‣ Funimation
‣ Retro Crush
‣ Crunchyroll
‣ YouTube
‣ Tubi

Anime Talk!

I was not personally satisfied with the last episode of Chainsaw Man. But the cliffhanger kept me asking for more. But the season itself was pretty cool. When I worry about AnimeSuge or similar websites getting shut down, I simply switch to another. You can also do the same. All the alternatives talked about in this article are great. You can choose from any of them.

Please let me know if you have found this list of sites helpful. Also, if you have any further queries, you can try finding me in the comment section.

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