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Lean Tools That Are Commonly Used In Warehousing

Lean Tools

Lean manufacturing and warehouse optimization are tools that get used as a means to improve production and efficiency around a warehouse. This efficiency is achieved by getting the most out of each resource. Essentially, the goal of lean manufacturing is to find a better way of doing things, ways that require less effort, time, and fewer resources.

The tools that are appropriate will vary from one business to another; however, some are a lot more common than others. This article will discuss the lean tools that are most commonly used in warehousing and for warehouse optimization.

Would You Like To Use Lean Tools?

It is one thing learning about the different tools used across the industry; however, it’s another thing entirely to actually incorporate them into your business. If you think it would be beneficial to you to do so, you should consider contacting a warehouse optimization company that will be able to help. You could increase your business’s profit and save time as a result of doing so.

5s Visual Management

The 5s system is very common and is designed to improve the efficiency of businesses through an approach to organization and cleanliness in the workplace that is very systematic. The system includes 5 elements (otherwise known as the 5’s) that can help improve the efficiency of a workplace massively. The five S’s stand for Sort, Set, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain. These are practiced as below:

1. What Is Meant By Sort

It is the removal of any kind of unneeded or unwanted items from each of the work areas.

2. The Set Element

It is the customization of each unique work area in order to achieve maximum efficiency.

3. Means

It is to clean the work area after every shift in order to uncover (and subsequently eliminate) any issues before they develop and lead to a major problem.

4. By Standardize

This refers to documenting improvements in the business so that they can be easily applied to other areas of work.

5. What Is Meant By Sustain

It is basically to make sure that each step is repeated efficiently so that the improvement seen and the benefits incurred from these steps continue.

This is a good lean tool, which is reflected in the fact that it is used in a variety of different industries, which include the likes of software, healthcare, and manufacturing. It is certainly one of the easiest tools to start with, as at its root is simply good hygiene and organization skills. 


This is a visual production system in which a supply of parts will be delivered to the production line as and when it is needed, which improves the overall efficiency of the manufacturing process. It basically means to make sure that workers have access to anything they need when they need it, so they can keep doing their job efficiently.

Previously, an employee would signal that they needed more parts by using a Kanban card. In contrast, now, in the face of the digital revolution, as it’s in full swing, the cards are being replaced by an electronic system.

Value Stream Mapping

Value stream mapping, also known as VSM, is one of the prominent examples of visual lean tools. It facilitates the organizations to optimize production as well as manufacturing in a systematic way.

It highlights issues, analyzes the process, and suggests feasible solutions to coordinate the change management system. By using the VSM life cycle, it is possible to represent the updated or new processes using visual maps. In this way, the roadway to improvement is drawn using Value Stream.


Kaizen is another lean tool that promotes consistent development in productivity, processes, technology, organizational culture, safety, and quality. The Kaizen leverages knowledge from every employee, thereby suggesting improvements from core business areas.

Some of these fields are management, finance, procurement, production, finance, and others. Kaizen is often used to plan and coordinate events which are also known as Kaizen Events. 

Focus PDCA

A logical approach like PDCA is mainly intended to enhance the business processes. It has some clear steps, which makes it a different version of the Plan-Do-Check-Act process. The key aim of lean tools like Focus PDCA is to create a system to solve the process challenges in a comprehensive manner.


That’s all about the popular lean tools used in warehouses. Do you know any other apart from these? Let us know about it in the comment box below. We are excited to get some unique information from you.

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