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Central Government Advises Lockdown in 75 Districts

Lockdown in 75 districts

Today after reviewing the number of COVID-19 infected, the Cabinet Secretary along with the Cheif Secretaries of the State takes the decision to lockdown 75 districts in the country. These 75 districts have been infected with Coronavirus which needs immediate attention now. The 75 districts have to be in a lockdown state where COVID-19 has been confirmed or have found casualties. Rarely the most essential facilities will be available in these 75 districts. 

The government has decided to restrain the non-essential movement of public transportation. All the interstate buses will be locked down till 31st March in all across the 75 districts. All the train and metro services will be shut down till 31st March 2020 which also includes the suburban trains. 

The central government will look after the situation for this above mentioned period of time and then if required the list of lockdown and suspension will be increased. Quite a few states, including Chhattisgarh, Punjab, Odisha have already announced complete lockdown from anywhere between 29 March to 31 March.

Some people have raised a question on this decision of the government that only ensuring proper supply of food is not enough if there is no money to buy the food. 

If we take a view of the condition of the World then we might see that Europe is the epicenter of the crisis. 10 million people in Europe have already been quarantined and more are yet to join.  

Among Asian countries, China seems to be settling back itself in normal life. While India has called out an emergency lockdown in schools, colleges, private and government bodies in India. Both international and national borders have been shut and prevailed. 

There has been a lot of questions raised on the daily wage workers whose income would be hampered due to this lockdown. Some of the single mothers will also be affected by such steps taken by the government. But the only measure that suits this situation is this worldwide lockdown in COVID-19.

Social distancing is the only measure that has been accepted worldwide, but this seems to be half measure to restrain from COVID-19.

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