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Meesho Supplier Panel – Account Registration, Login, Procedures

Meesho supplier
Company Name Meesho
FoundersSanjeev Barnwal and Vidit Aatrey
HeadquarterBangalore, India
Foundation Year 2015 December 
Official Website Meesho Supplier Login

Meesho is opening a gateway for multiple income opportunities for every person throughout the country. Are you one of them? And searching for a robust second source of income. Then this is just the right place from where you can start to explore the Meesho eCommerce world. Be the Meesho supplier and sell your products with zero commission pay and get the payment within 15 days after the delivery.

Meesho Supplier Panel: Things To Know About It!

What Is Meesho Supplier Login

In the year of 2015, two IIT Delhi graduates Vidit Aatrey, and Sanjeev Barnwal founded this organization. The headquarters of Meesho is in Bangalore. From its headquarter, the organization operates branches all over India.

Anyone can register there and sell their items. And the most attractive part of the game is every supplier is getting the advantages even without paying a single amount of the commissions for the sales. You just have to complete the Meesho Supplier Registration 2022.

You have to complete the registration process first. Meesho has an online registration form, so only Meesho supplier panel registration is enough to start the sales. So, where to start? Visit And then start the registration process.

From where to start? Start with the Meesho supplier’s registration process, then log in to the supplier panel.

Meesho Supplier Panel Registration Form

Meesho Supplier Registration Form

Meesho supplier registration form is the first step for starting the sales business. The suppliers need to register their names first. And Meesho is like Facebook and Pinterest. There is a certain type of difference between this and social media platforms.

At Meesho, anyone can pick the products from various suppliers and then resell the items. You also can also address this system as affiliated marketing.

Do you want to become a supplier on Meesho? The online Meesho registration platform is your first destination. First, fill up the online Meesho supplier registration page with the right and valid details.

What type of documents are required during the registration process? Your goods and service tax identification numbers along with the bank account numbers.

After submission of all the documents, Meesho will go to check the validity of the documents. And after your information is obtained, you will get your permit. These documents are enough to register your names if you have the Pan Card details and GSTIN with Bank Account Details.

Documents You Need For Meesho Supplier Panel Registration

For registering your name in the Meesho supplier panel India. You only require three documents.

Here are the required documents for Meesho panel registrations.

  • Bank account details.
  • Permanent Account Number or PAN Card number.
  • Goods and other service tax identification numbers.

These are the three essential items and documents which every seller requires for registering their names in the Meesho panels for suppliers.

How To Register On Meesho Supplier Panel Through Official Website?

Meesho Supplier Registration Through Website

Do you want to become a supplier Meesho? Then the suppliers’ registration process is the first step from where you can start your process. How to start the Meesho supplier’s panel registration process?

Here is the easy step-by-step guide for the Meesho supplier panel registration process.

Step 1- Visit the official website of Meesho. The official website of Meesho @

Step 2-  After visiting the Meesho supplier’s registration panel. You will find a start selling an option. Click on that option.

Step 3-  An application form will go to display on the screen. You have to fill up that form with all of the details, like a mobile phone or email id. To finalize the data, you have to submit the OTP.

Step 4- After giving all the detailed information. You have to click on the create account option to finalize the account creation process.

Step 5-  Once you provide all the details, first click on the submit button. The applications are sent to the corresponding departments for verifications.

Step 6: Once the management verifies all of the data, the seller will get the green signal. And you will be able to access the Meesho Supplier Panel India.

Your Meesho seller supplier registration process is complete. Now you can access the supplier’s panels.

What Are Meesho Supplier Panels?

What Are Meesho Supplier Panels

After you complete the Meesho online supplier registration process, you will get a Meesho Supplier’s Panel. This is the panel from where you can enlist your product’s name, manage inventory, and process the different orders.

Supplier panels of Meesho is a dashboard of Meesho. From here, the suppliers can manage their profiles. So, the supplier panel login is complete.

Note: As per the Government regulations; All types of sellers who are operating through the e-commerce platform are mandated to have the GSTIN. It is mandatory to provide GSTIN details while registering for Meesho resellers or suppliers.

How To Perform The Meesho Supplier Panel Login?

Perform The Meesho Supplier Panel Login

For doing the Meesho panel login the first step is to start with the Meesho supplier registration process. Now you know how to do the registrations. But how to do the Supplier Meesho registration process?

Here is the step-by-step guidance which is the answer to how to log in Meesho supplier or reseller panel login process.

Step 1: Visit the official website of Meesho.

Step 2: You will find the login button on the right side of the panel.

Step 3: Then enter the email and password which you already registered.

Step 4: After you do the Meesho supplier login, you have to be able to access the dashboard for the orders.

Step 5: Through the Meesho supplier login page, you can direct to a separate page from where you can have access to the orders, where you can see inventory management and the status of payments.

How To Do The Meesho Reseller Panel Registration Via Cellphone App?

Meesho Reseller Panel Registration using phone

Now users also can register through cell phone apps. How do the registrations work through the apps?

Here are the guidelines that you can follow for registering your name in the Meesho reseller panel through the mobile apps. You only require a few quick and easy steps that will help you get the Meesho supplier panel registration complete within seconds.

Step 1- First, download the Meesho app for your smartphone.

Step 2- Open the application from your cell phone. Then register your number on the application.

Step 3- Enter a valid number and create a specific OTP.

Step 4- Then enter the OTP and press the continue button.

Step 5- You will see an interactive guidance video going to appear on your screen like the Messho user manual.

Step 6-  Now, your profile is created in Meesho. You have to fill out the online registration forms with all sorts of your personal details.

Step 7- Fill out all sorts of your personal details, then click on the submit button. And your work is complete.

Step 8– To complete the verification process, you have to initiate a transaction with 1 rupee.

Now your whole registration process is complete.

Want To Reset The Password For Meesho Supplier?

Reset The Password For Meesho Supplier

After you set the password in the supplier panel then, to enter the page, you have to give the password to log in. But what to do when you want to log in to your page? And can not remember the password?

Here is the easy step-by-step guide for resetting the password for the Meesho supplier.

Step 1- First, visit the Meesho online shopping official website.

Step 2- Then click on the login button, which is on the top right side of the home page.

Step 3- Now click on the forget password option.

Step 4- Login to your registered email Id and then look for the reset emails from Meesho.

Step 5-  You will find an email from Meesho. And from there, you will find a link to the resetting option.

Step 6- Click on the password resetting link and reset your password with the Meesho supplier account.

These are the simple steps to reset the passwords of the supplier account. You can reset it at any time. So there is a solution for recovering the account access details.

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Why Becoming A Professional Meesho Supplier In 2023?

Professional Meesho Supplier

This is a unique platform. Anyone can register their name and sell their items. The sellers do not have to face any issues regarding product listing and inventory management.

  1. The payment model of Meesho is very convenient.
  2. Suppliers and resellers will get their payment within 15 days of the product delivery.
  3. Meesho’s logistic partner’s content list is wide. The suppliers are picking goods from the supplier’s doorstep.
  4. Usually, the product’s returning rates are low. You can sell the products at 0% commission.

Become A Meesho Supplier: What To Keep In Mind In 2023?

If you’re looking to tap into the world of e-commerce and become a Meesho supplier, you’re stepping into an exciting realm of opportunities. Meesho provides a platform for individuals to sell products online, and becoming a supplier can be rewarding.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to kickstart your journey:

1. Research And Understand Meesho

Start by familiarizing yourself with Meesho. Visit their website, read through their guidelines, and understand the types of products they offer. This will help you align your offerings with their platform.

2. Product Selection

Identify the products you want to sell. Whether it’s fashion, accessories, home decor, or beauty products, choose a niche that you’re passionate about and has market demand.

3. Legal Formalities

Ensure you have all the necessary legal documentation to operate as a supplier. Depending on your location and the products you’re dealing with, this might include business registration, tax identification, and any required licenses.

4. Sourcing Products

Once you’ve selected your niche, source the products you plan to sell. You can manufacture them yourself, work with local artisans, or collaborate with existing manufacturers.

5. Product Quality

Maintain a high standard of product quality. Meesho values customer satisfaction, so ensuring that your products meet or exceed expectations is crucial.

6. Competitive Pricing

Set competitive and reasonable pricing for your products. Research similar products on Meesho and other platforms to determine a pricing strategy that attracts customers while ensuring profitability.

7. High-Quality Images And Descriptions

Create high-quality images and compelling product descriptions for your offerings. These elements play a significant role in attracting customers and conveying the value of your products.

8. Register On Meesho

Visit the Meesho website or app and register as a supplier. Provide the required information about yourself and your products. Meesho will review your application before approving your supplier account.

9. Catalog Listing

Create your product catalog on Meesho. Upload each product’s images, descriptions, prices, and other relevant details. Ensure accuracy and clarity in your listings.

10. Fulfillment And Shipping

Decide on your fulfillment process. You can choose to handle shipping yourself or opt for Meesho’s shipping services. Make sure to communicate transparently with customers regarding shipping times and tracking information.

11. Customer Service

Provide excellent customer service. Address customer queries and concerns promptly and professionally. Positive interactions with customers can lead to repeat business.

12. Promotion And Marketing

Promote your products on Meesho and other social media platforms. Utilize Meesho’s tools to boost visibility, and consider running promotions or offering discounts to attract more customers.

13. Continuous Improvement

Regularly assess your product performance, customer feedback, and sales data. Make improvements based on the insights you gather to enhance your offerings and customer experience.

Becoming a Meesho supplier requires dedication, quality, and a customer-centric approach. With the right products, strategies, and commitment, you can carve a successful path as a supplier on Meesho’s thriving e-commerce platform.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Now that you have almost come to an end, you must have a clear idea about what is the Meesho supplier panel and how it works. But before you leave, it is time for you to take a look at some of these questions that readers frequently ask about the topic. Here they are:

Q1: How Much Do A Meesho Supplier Earn?

For anyone who likes to earn more than Rs. 20,000 to 25,000 every month, this is the best platform for them.

Q2: Can You Sell The Items On Meesho Without Paying GST?

If you are running a business where the annual turnover exceeds INR 40 lacs. Then you have to register under the GST.

Q3: Is Meesho A B2B Or B2C Business?

Meesho is a social e-commerce platform. So you can address this platform as the B2B selling process with B2C reselling opportunities.

Q4: Is Reselling On Meesho Profitable?

Yes, selling in Meesho is profitable by comparing the other platforms. You can sell the items almost within 0% commission rates. So there is no doubt the platform is profitable.

Ways To Be A Meesho Supplier

If you want to be a Meesho supplier, then there are tips that you can follow. This platform is profitable. So if someone is searching for a second source of income, then these tips will always help you, from registrations to resetting password-related queries.

Everything is clear from your perspective. So what is your opinion? Do not forget to share your opinion in the comment section. And if you are already a supplier, then share your Meesho journey experiences.

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