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Fashion Tips For Men And The Art Of Dressing Well

Fashion Tips

For some men, dressing well and creating a style that suits them just seems to come effortlessly. However, for many, thinking about fashion and trying to put together outfits can be a bit of a struggle.

If you’re finding yourself stuck in a rut in terms of the things you wear and the look you portray, below are some basic fashion tips that could help you achieve your ideal image.

Here Are Some Fashion Tips For Men And The Art Of Dressing Well:

Here Are Some Fashion Tips For Men And The Art Of Dressing Well

1. Extra-large probably isn’t your size

Men sometimes tend to buy clothes that are way too big – often in an attempt to supposedly help ‘bulk out’ their physical dimensions. Actually, the complete opposite effect is frequently achieved from wearing oversized clothes, and t-shirts, shirts, jackets, etc., can end up hanging loosely – if anything, making you look slightly misshapen.

Try getting yourself properly measured and sized, then go through your wardrobe. The chances are high you’ll find many of your clothes are either too big or too long for your body shape. By knowing your true dimensions and buying appropriately sized clothing, you’ll gain a more tailored, neater, more stylish look.

2. Learn to accessorize and realize the devil is in the detail

Learn to accessorize and realize the devil is in the detail

While it’s true there are far more accessories available for women, men can accessorize too – and can completely change your overall look with just a few extra details. Better yet, buying these frequently cheap items can revitalize old, tired clothing and give outfits a different aesthetic and feel.

At the cheaper end of the scale, simple scarves, ties, or a quality belt can transform an outfit, but for slightly more expensive and enduring accessories, you should also think about jewelry.

Mens’ jewelry has come a long way in recent years, and there are now some truly striking rings, chains, and bracelets available made from unusual metals and materials that will turn heads. For example, Newman Bands specialize in rings made from rare metals like tungsten that scream style.

3. Avoid wearing too many colors

While it’s certainly true that color can help you stand out and can most definitely make a statement, combining too many together is a potential minefield unless you understand color theory and how certain shades can clash or complement one another.

As a general rule, unless you’re skilled in mixing and matching colors and palettes, you’re far better at keeping things relatively simple than accentuating a base layer with one striking piece of clothing.

4. Be wary of patterned clothing

Be wary of patterned clothing

Similar to the point above, unless you’re good at sensing what naturally goes together, trying to mix patterned clothing can end up a huge no-no. Sure, patterns and colors help you stand out – but that could be in all the wrong ways if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Stripes can be particularly good for making a statement (and can even help alter your shape), but you’ll need to understand how and where to wear them – and, of particular importance, how to combine them with plainer clothes for the greatest effect. Even the most seasoned fashionista can get it wrong when it comes to patterned clothing, so be wary.

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