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Top 5 Mobile App Development Trends

The continuous and rapid growth of the mobile app development industry. technological advancements, working on the consumer’s demand, and other things have direct and indirect whack on mobile app trends.

Regular updates in the apps and changes in customer’s behavior patterns are the most significant factors that need to be focused on while developing an app.

The resellers in the mobile app industry need to keep themselves updated with the new trends taking place within the app culture to serve their clients in a perfect way.

The same applies to app developers and business owners that are willing to escalate their brands and apps to the next level in the mobile app industry.

The list which I will discuss on the latest mobile trends are going to be the most dominating factors that will take the mobile app development industry to the next level and the trends are as follows:

Top 5 Mobile App Development Trends:

1. Internet of things.

The IoT is not popular among adults though millennials are using IoT to the best of their capabilities. An increase in mobile usage and its app across various sectors are opening endless opportunities for IoT.

Using technology to improve the daily activities of individuals is now a routine thing.

Using IoT connects an individual to all the electronic devices and appliances through the internet rendering satisfaction and automatic controls to all the customers.

Smart homes are the perfect examples and which explains the popularity enjoyed by this technology and controlling the electronic devices through a smart device is indeed an extraordinary feature.

By the end of this year, IoT is likely to be included in almost everything whether it is automobiles, electronic appliances, and much more.

2. Apps for Foldable devices:

The level of enjoyment in foldable devices can not be compared with the smartphones of this generation. Flip phones were handy and pocket friendly as they can be carried within the pockets of the individuals.

But over the past decade, touch screens with no buttons nowadays are taking a significant change in mobile and smartphones.

It is even expected that the iPhone 12 or its versions will include a flip phone which works the same as an iPhone but can be folded after its use.

App developers must develop an app predicting the future of mobile and smart devices.

Developing an app that is suitable for all kinds of devices whether it is smart, foldable, or wearable is likely to gain more popularity among individuals.

Apps must adjust according to the screens of smartphones and smart devices.

3. 5G Technology

In the year 2020, the 5G will be the game-changer for all whether they are app developers, creators and such technological advancements are going to change the ways these apps get created.

5G smartphones and devices are predicted to rise in the next five years.

For mobile apps, this can act as a fulcrum as with speed and efficiency the things will work at high speed depending on the network operator.

Developers and mobile app resellers should make appropriate use of 5G network speed in the developmental stages of creating an app.

4. Development for wearable devices:

Wearable devices are the most popular and trendy devices that individuals crave for.

Millennials or Adults everyone adores devices such as Smartwatches, trackers, fitness bands for so long. Though such devices have still not reached the fullest of their capabilities.

The trends in wearable devices are highly influential and will keep on changing along with the changes taking place in the overall app development industry.

By the end of 2020, users are expected to download apps of their choice with the help of wearable devices.

We have just landed at the beginning of the developmental phase of the industry of wearable devices. The upcoming years will be progressive in this particular area.

5. Beacon Technology:

The beacon technology has been clutched by almost every industry. Whether we talk about healthcare or tourism. Beacons can attach almost every functionality that gets suitable for any mobile app depending on the operations of that particular app.

The beacons were developed back in the year 2013 but with the latest advancement in technology it has shown up again.

Beacons can also help in keeping track of behavioral patterns in stores. They also help in detecting the particular time spent by a user on a particular site.

The main advantage of using Beacon is that it provides proximity marketing. This also helps in improving the customer experience within a mobile app.


The mobile app industry is rapidly changing and if you are willing to build an app for today depending on the past year’s data your app will not match up in the market.

As a reseller, the trends of  2020 mobile apps can be treated as the bible to acquire more particularity over the market space of your apps.

Not every single app can be included in the app for better furnishing but developing a general and grave understanding of the market by predicting the future growth and development of an app can yield better results and revenues in the future.

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